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The New River (Spring 2021) 2021 Issue of a journal English
Fall 2020 Editors' Note Kira Homsher, John Darcy 2020 Article in an online journal The New River (Fall 2020) English digital art, literature
The New River (Fall 2020) 2020 Issue of a journal English
A 2020 Computer-Generated Text as a Posthuman Mode of Literature Production Annika Elstermann 2020 Article in an online journal English critical posthumanism, cyborg, computer-generated fiction, author, author function, poststructuralism
‘Grasp All, Lose All’: Raising Awareness Through Loss of Grasp in Seemingly Functional Interfaces Diogo Marques 2022 Article in an online journal English avant-garde, interface criticism, awareness, dysfunctionality, technological dysfunction, haptic
Incremental Storytelling and Calypsis: A Hypertext Fiction a Critical Introduction William Trent Hergenrader 2013 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English teaching, role-playing game, collaborative writing
Rhetorical Convergence: Earlier Media Influence on Web Media Form Anders Fagerjord 2003 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English website, analysis, convergence
Beyond Oral/Digital: Ghanaian Electronic Literature as a Paradigm for African Digital Textuality Kwabena Opoku-­Agyemang 2017 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English Africa, African electronic literature, African literature, conceptual poetry, concrete poetry, ghana, Mobile video games
African literature
African literature
Reading Digits – Haptic Reading Processes in the Experience of Digital Literary Works Diogo Marques 2018 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online Portuguese haptic, touch, gesture, affect, contemporary electronic literature, e-lit; media literacy; multimodality
Classroom Netprov: A Walkthrough of Electronic Literature Support Group for Teachers Hannah Ackermans 2021 Article in an online journal English netprov, tutorial, learning management systems, digital education
Follow the Pathfinders: a Case Study Approach to Production, Use, and Readership on Scalar Hannah Ackermans 2021 Article in an online journal English media specificity, multimodality, Scalar, electronic literature, academic publication platform.
A Platform's Media Specificity in Context: Follow the Pathfinders Hannah Ackermans 2021 Conference paper or presentation English platform adoption, platform literacy, documentation, Scalar, Pathfinders
Nested Folders: On Birds in Digital Poetry J. R. Carpenter 2022 Article in a print journal English birds, digital poetry, poetry, insects
Computers, Cut-ups and Combinatory Volvelles: An Archaeology of Text-generating Mechanisms Whitney Anne Trettien 2009 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English
Scandinavian E-texts in Context: "En Million Historier," "Svevedikt," and "Primärdirektivet" Melissa Lucas 2009 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English
88 Constellations for Wittgenstein N. Katherine Hayles 2012 Other English digital literature, narrative assemblege
Theorizing Digital Narrative: Beginnings, Endings, and Authorship Jennifer Roudabush 2012 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English critical new media, narratology, digital narratology, cross-media narratives, rhetoric, digital rhetoric
Digitizing the Novel, 1987-2010 Bradley Joseph Reina 2016 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English hypertext, literature, computer software, fiction
Digital Literary Arts - Scandinavian E-Texts: Criticism, Theory, and Practice Melissa Lucas 2014 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English Communication and the arts, digital literature, electronic literature, literary criticism, literary theory, new media, Scandinavian literature
"Literature," Progress, and Monsters: What is Electronic Literature? Mary L. Godwin 2017 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English Monsters, electronic literature, hayles, humanities, derrida
Digital Storytelling in Spanish: Narrative Techniques and Approaches Julio Alejandro Perez 2015 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English electronic literature, multimedia, Hispanic digital literature, narrative technique, hypertext, hyperlinks, videogames
The broken poem: Ephemerality, glitch and de-performance in digital (and non-digital) poetry Aaron Angello 2016 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English glitch poetics, digital poetry, ephemerality, glitch
Textual entanglements: a performative approach towards digital literature Richard A. Carter 2016 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English digital literature, social sciences, digital systems, digital activities
Curating Simulated Storyworlds James Ryan 2018 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English Applied sciences, Communication and the arts, Emergent narrative, simulation
Experimental Poetics of the Asian Diaspora: Readings in Meatspace and Cyberspace Sunny S.Y. Chan 2018 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English literature, communication, Asian diaspora, Contemporary poetry, digital literature, electronic literature, Ethnic studies, experimental poetry
A Cultural Analysis of Resistances to Digital Poetries David Devanny 2019 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English publishing, digital poetry, distinction, page-based, autoethnography
From Dada to Digital: Experimental Poetry in the Media Age Kurt Beals 2013 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English dada, experimental poetry, concrete poetry, german studies
Network Narrative: Prose Narrative Fiction and Participatory Cultural Production in Digital Information and Communication Networks David M. Meurer 2015 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online
Writing Coastlines: Locating Narrative Resonance in Transatlantic Communications Networks J. R. Carpenter 2015 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English digital literature, digital poetry, performance writing, performance, dramaturgy, media archaeology, communications, network narrative, narrative, computer generated text, PhD Thesis, PhD dissertation, cartography, topography, memory, translation, détournement, dérive, transmission, generation, assemblage, coastline, ocean, walking, variantology
Interactive fiction, virtual realities, and the reading-writing relationship Sarah Jane Sloane 1991 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English interactive fiction
Salon February 8, 2022: Elit can save the world! Maybe? Lyle Skains 2022 English elit for kids, educational game, science fiction, climate crisis, cli-fi, social change, readership
Salon Jan 11, 2022: Figurski on the Radio! John F. Barber 2022 English radio, radio drama, sound, hypertext, digital obsolescence, soundscape, audio
Salon December 9: celebrating (RE)VERB Deena Larsen 2022 English sonic aesthetic, Audio art, audio experience, Augmented Reallity, zine
Salon Nov 9: What will we do for ELO 2022? Deena Larsen 2021 English ELO, academic conferences, education, digital literacy
Biometric Poetics: The Case of Eververse Justin Tonra, David Kelly 2021 Article in an online journal English
Between Floors: The Ups and Downs of Mediated Narrative Melinda White 2012 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English media, narrative, postmodern literature, electronic literature, installation, embodiment, remediation
The Tribulations of Adventure Games: Integrating Story into Simulation Through Performance Clara Fernández-Vara 2009 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English Digital narrative Theatre Adventure games, simulation, performance, game studies, video games, adventure games, Adventure stories, Simulation methods, Game theory
Pour une littérature cyborg : l'hybridation médiatique du texte littéraire Anaïs Guilet 2013 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online French cyborg, adaptation
Print Pathways and Electronic Labyrinths: How Hypertext Narratives Affect the Act of Reading J. Yellowlees Douglas 1991 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English hypertext, reading
Interactive Drama, Art, and Artificial Intelligence Michael Mateas 2002 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English artificial intelligence, art, entertainment, believable agents, interactive drama, interactive characters, interactive story
Expressive Processing: On Process-Intensive Literature and Digital Media Noah Wardrip-Fruin 2006 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - print English digital media, electronic literature, process intensity, story generation, artificial intelligence, expressive AI, computer games, cybertext, ergodic literature, expressive processing
Footnotes in Fiction: A Rhetorical Approach Edward Maloney 2005 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English footnote, paratext, narrative progression, character development, narratology
Digitally implemented interactive fiction: A systematic development and validation of Mole, P.I., a multimedia adventure for third grade readers Denise Haunstetter 2008 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English interactive fiction, children's literature, children
Transmedia Practice: Theorising the Practice of Expressing a Fictional World across Distinct Media and Environments Christy Dena 2009 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English transmedia, cross media narrative, distributed
Lost in the Archive: Vision, Artefact and Loss in the Evolution of Hypertext Belinda Barnet 2004 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English archive, obsolescence, hypertext, technical evolution, history of computing, history
Lines for a Virtual T[y/o]pography: Electronic Essays on Artifice and Information Matthew G. Kirschenbaum 1999 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English hypertext, remediation, textual theory, new media historicisms, typogrphy, topogrphy, 3D, publishing ecology, artifice, aesthetics
Fuzzy Coherence: Making Sense of Continuity in Hypertext Narratives Jukka Tyrkkö 2011 Book (Ph.D. dissertation) - online English navigation, paratext, hypertext, hypertextual coherence, narratology, materiality, codex