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Deep Time of the Media: Toward an Archaeology of Hearing and Seeing by Technical Means Siegfried Zielinski 2006 Book (monograph) English media, media studies, media archaeology, media history, variantology
Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man Marshall McLuhan 1964 Book (monograph) English media, media theory, medium, communication, message, television, culture, mass, society, newspaper, opinion, social, social science, broadcast, content, influence
Escrituras nómades : del libro perdido al hipertexto Belén Gache 2006 Book (monograph) Spanish (Castilian) encyclopedia, game-poem, digital experimental writing
Lecturas del contacto: manifestaciones estéticas de la interculturalidad y la transculturalidad Miriam Llamas Ubieto 2012 Book (monograph) Spanish (Castilian) transcultural, close-readings, methodology, contemporary literature
Real and Virtual Cities: Intertextual and Intermedial Mindscapes George P. Landow, Asunción López-Varela Azcárate, Xiana Sotelo 2009 Book (monograph) English intertextuality, intermediality
Netianas. N(h)acer mujer en Internet Remedios Zafra 2005 Book (monograph) Spanish (Castilian) cyberfeminism, cyborg, feminism
A Connected Room of One's Own. (Cyber)space and (self) management of the self Remedios Zafra 2013 Book (monograph) English internet, feminism, private space, public space, sociology, subjectivity, digital culture, gender theory, gender studies, social science, nonfiction, cultural study
Un cuarto propio conectado. (Ciber)espacio y (auto)estión del yo Remedios Zafra 2012 Book (monograph) Spanish (Castilian) digital culture, public space, private space, self-reflexivity, Web-society
(h)adas Remedios Zafra 2013 Book (monograph) English cyberfeminism, emancipation, invisible power, domestication, Ada Lovelace, women and technology
Literatura y cibercultura Domingo Sánchez-Mesa 2004 Book (monograph) Spanish (Castilian) cyberculture, new textualities, digital media spaces, globalization era
Literatura digital: el paradigma hipertextual Susana Pajares Tosca 2004 Book (monograph) Spanish (Castilian) hypertext theory, paradigm, links, ideology, politics, education, analysis of literary digital texts
Always Already New: Media, History, and the Data of Culture Lisa Gitelman 2006 Book (monograph) media, history, culture study, algorithmic culture, data, culture
Convergence Culture Henry Jenkins 2006 Book (monograph) English convergence, convergence culture, old media, new media, grassroots, corporate, producer, consumer, media analysis, cultural transformations, transmedia, media channels, popular culture, public sphere, network controls, media environment, cult object
Interculturas, transliteraturas Amelia Sanz 2008 Book (monograph) Spanish (Castilian) interculturalism, Transliterature
Literatures in the Digital Age. Theory and Praxis Amelia Sanz, Dolores Romero López 2007 Book (monograph) English digital literature, hypermedia novel, Hypertextes, computer writing
Literaturas del texto al hipermedia Dolores Romero López, Amelia Sanz 2008 Book (monograph) Spanish (Castilian)
Understanding Contemporary American Literature Book (collection) American literature, contemporary
Un laboratoire de littératures – Littérature numérique et Internet Serge Bouchardon, Evelyne Broudoux, Oriane Deseilligny, Franck Ghitalla 2007 Book (monograph) English digital literature, traditional literature, internet, mailing list, publishing
Literatur auf dem Rechner Thomas Kamphusmann 2002 Book (monograph) German
Wo ist der Online-Ulysses? Kanonisierungsprozesse in der Netzliteratur Florian Hartling 2004 Book (monograph) German digital literature, Germany, canon
Libre Culture: Meditations on Free Culture David M. Berry, Giles Moss 2008 Book (monograph) English art, Creative Commons, free software, creativity, commons, free culture, libre, open source, Bruno Latour
L'archéologie du savoir Michel Foucault 1969 Book (monograph) French
Bibliotheque des sciences humaines
The Exquisite Corpse: Chance and Collaboration in Surrealism’s Parlor Game 2010 Book (monograph) English
The Official World Mark Seltzer Book (monograph) English
Texts and contexts
The Twentieth Century Performance Reader 2002 Book (monograph) English performance art, art studies
Más allá del papel. El hilo digital de la ficción impresa. Álvaro Llosa Sanz 2014 Book (monograph) Spanish (Castilian) Printed literature, digitization, hypertext
Postmodernism and Postcolonialism Today Simon During 1987 Article or chapter in a book postmodernism, postcolonialism
Pry Samantha Gorman, Daniel Cannizzaro 2014 Book (monograph) English vision, memory
The Disenchantment of the World Marcel Gauchet 1985 Book (monograph) French Christianity, religion
Knowing and Value: Toward a Constructive Postmodern Epistemology Frederick Ferré 1998 Book (monograph) English epistemology, philosophy, positivism, idealism, existentialism, pragmatism
Process and Reality : an essay in cosmology Alfred North Whitehead 1929 Book (monograph) English
Sound Poetry: A Catalogue for the Eleventh International Sound Poetry Festival 1978 Book (monograph) English sound poetry, exhibition catalog, festival
The Theory of Moral Sentiments Adam Smith 1759 Book (monograph) English
Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory, 1st Edition 2008 Book (monograph) English narrative theory
Computing as Writing Daniel Punday 2015 Book (monograph) English
Alicia a través de la pantalla. Lecturas literarias en el siglo XXI María Goicoechea 2014 Book (monograph) Spanish (Castilian) approach to electronic literature, Spanish and international authors, Spanish Language Electronic Literature Collection, Spain, historical context, historical perspectives
SUNY series in constructive postmodern thought
Gifford lectures
The Rise of Network Society Manuel Castells 1996 Book (monograph) English
The Pleasure of the Text Roland Barthes 1975 Book (monograph) English
Composing Cyberspace: Identity, Community, and Knowledge in the Electronic Age Richard Holeton 1998 Book (monograph) digital age, identity, community, knowledge, cyber-culture, cyber
Literatur im elektronischen Raum Christiane Heibach 2003 Book (monograph) German
Internetliteratur. Zu einer modernen Produktions- und Rezeptionsasthetik des netzgenuinen deutschsprachigen Schrifttums Ewa Hendryk 2010 Book (monograph) German Deutsch, Poetik, poetry
Internet Art Rachel Greene 2004 Book (monograph) English internet art, email art, media art
Reading the Illegible Craig Douglas Dworkin 2003 Book (monograph) English
Modernisms: A Literary Guide Peter Nicholls 1995 Book (monograph) English modernism, modernity, aesthetics, literature, literary studies, symbolism, futurism, death, expressionism, dada, neo-classicism, high modernism, surrealism, literary history
Deutschsprachige Literaturmagazine im Internet: Ein Handbuch Renate Giacomuzzi 2012 Book (monograph) German
Exe.cut[up]able statements: Poetische Kalküle und Phantasmen des selbstausführenden Texts Florian Cramer 2011 Book (monograph) English