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Roberto Simanowski received his Ph.D. at the University of Jena in 1996, was Research Fellow at University of Göttingen (1997), Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University (1998-2000), Visiting Scholar at University of Washington (2001), Visiting Professor for Cultural Studies in Digital Media at University of Jena (2002), and Assistant Professor for German Literature and Digital Aesthetics at Brown University in Providence (2003-2010). Simanowski is the editor of, a German-English journal on digital aesthetics, which he founded in 1999. Besides articles and books on mass-culture in 18th century, nationalism in German literature and literary salon, he has published extensively on digital literature and arts. In 2010, he accepted a position at the University of Basel where he is now professor of media studies.

Critical writing by this author:

Title Publication Type Publisher Year
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Warfare and Conventionality: How avant-garde computer-generated text can be Conference paper or presentation 2011
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Holopoetry, Biopoetry und digitale Literatur. Parameter einer Annäherung Conference paper or presentation 2004

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