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The Origins Of Electronic Literature As Net/Web Art Dene Grigar, James O’Sullivan
Digital Humanities Joseph Tabbi
Computer games as literature Don Zancanella, Leslie Hall, Penny Pence
Wired women writing: Towards a feminist theorization of hypertext Laura Sullivan
From Parasitism to Institutionalism: Risks and Tactics for Game-Based Art Daphne Dragona
sub merge {my $enses;: ASCII Art, Rekursion, Lyrik in Programmiersprachen Florian Cramer
Virtually Human: The Electronic Page, the Archived Body, and Human identity Allison Muri
Sites of conflict: the challenges of hypertextualizing composition in the college writing class Kathleen Duguay
About the Journey, Not the Destination: Slow Gaming and an Interview with Bill Viola Heather Corcoran
Hypermedia and instruction: where is the match? Thomas M. Duffy, Randy A. Knuth
Defining Links Scott Lloyd Dewitt
Modernist at best: poeticity and tradition in hyperpoetry Peter Paul Schnierer
Lost in hypertext? Autorkonzepte und neue Medien Simone Winko
Literature in the electronic writing space Jay David Bolter
"Lost in hyperspace": cognitive mapping and navigation in a hypertext environment Deborah M Edwards, Lynda Hardman
A learning support environment: the Hitch- Hiker’s Guide Lesley Allinson, Nick Hammond
Topographic Writing: Hypertext and the Electronic Writing Space Jay David Bolter
The Origins of Electronic Literature: An Overview Giovanna Di Rosario, Nohelia Meza
Playing with rather than by the Rules: Metaludicity, Allusive Fallacy and Illusory Agency in The Path. Astrid Ensslin
Digital Fiction and Worlds of Perspective David Ciccoricco
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