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Building Augmented Reality Freedom Stories Caitlin Fisher
Polifonía y memoria como base de la poética de María Mencía Yolanda de Gregorio Robledo
Putting the Pig Back Together Again: Dis(re)connection in "Figurski at Findhorn on Acid" Richard Holeton
Data as language; language as data David Thomas Henry Wright
Transmedial Unnatural Spatiality and Postdigital Dystopicalization in The Pickle Index Astrid Ensslin
Reading Digital Lives Generously John David Zuern, Laurie McNeill
The Origins Of Electronic Literature As Net/Web Art Dene Grigar, James O’Sullivan
Digital Humanities Joseph Tabbi
Computer games as literature Don Zancanella, Leslie Hall, Penny Pence
Wired women writing: Towards a feminist theorization of hypertext Laura Sullivan
From Parasitism to Institutionalism: Risks and Tactics for Game-Based Art Daphne Dragona
sub merge {my $enses;: ASCII Art, Rekursion, Lyrik in Programmiersprachen Florian Cramer
Virtually Human: The Electronic Page, the Archived Body, and Human identity Allison Muri
Sites of conflict: the challenges of hypertextualizing composition in the college writing class Kathleen Duguay
About the Journey, Not the Destination: Slow Gaming and an Interview with Bill Viola Heather Corcoran
Hypermedia and instruction: where is the match? Thomas M. Duffy, Randy A. Knuth
Defining Links Scott Lloyd Dewitt
Modernist at best: poeticity and tradition in hyperpoetry Peter Paul Schnierer
Lost in hypertext? Autorkonzepte und neue Medien Simone Winko
Literature in the electronic writing space Jay David Bolter
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