ELMCIP is a 3-year (2010-2013) collaborative research project that involves 7 European research partners and 1 non-academic partner that investigate how creative communities of practitioners form within a transnational and transcultural context in a globalized and distributed communication environment. Each ELMCIP partner is responsible for an individual project resulting in the overall outcome.

The University of Bergen [Norway]

Project leader: Scott Rettberg [Associate Professor of Digital Culture]
Co-investigator: Jill Walker Rettberg [Associate Professor of Digital Culture]

Individual project:

¤ Overall project administration
¤ Building the online knowledge base
¤ Fall 2010: Seminar on Electronic Literature Communities
¤ Final report

The Edinburgh College of Art [Scotland]

Principal investigator: Simon Biggs [Professor, artist, writer and curator]
Co-investigator: Penny Travlou [Senior Lecturer]

Individual project:
¤ Ethnographic study of networked creative communities
¤ Winter 2012: Project conference and exhibition

Blekinge Institute of Technology [Sweden]

Principal investigator: Maria Engberg [Associate Professor of English and Digital Media]
Co-investigator: Talan Memmott [Associate Professor of English and Digital Media]

Individual project:
¤ Research on pedagogical models and electronic literature anthologies
¤ Spring 2011: Workshop on electronic literature in education
¤ Autumn 2012: Production of DVD anthology on European electronic literature

The University of Amsterdam [Netherlands]

Principal investigator: Yra Van Dijk [Assistant Professor of Modern Dutch Literature]

Individual project:
¤ Autumn 2011: Seminar on New Media and Literary History
¤ Research and publications on poetics of electronic literatrue

The University of Ljubljana [Slovenia]

Principal investigator: Janez Strechovec [Associate Professor of New Media Theory]

Individual project:
¤ Autumn 2011: Seminar on New Media Histories
¤ Research on new media specificity of electronic literature

The University of Jyväskylä [Finland]

Principal investigator: Raine Koskimaa [Professor of Digital Culture/Vice Dean of the Faculty of Humanities]

Individual project:
¤ Electronic Literature Publishing survey
¤ Spring 2011: Seminar on Electronic Literature Publishing and other venues

University College Falmouth at Dartington [England]

Principal investigator: Jerome Fletcher [Senior Lecturer in Writing]

Individual project:
¤ Survey of performance contexts
¤ Spring 2012: Seminar on Electronic Literature and Performance
¤ Winter 2012: Curate and exhibit performance works at project conference

New Media Scotland

Mark Daniels [Executive Director]

¤ Collaboration with Edinburgh College of Art and University College Falmouth to realize the exhibition and performance program at the project conference in Edinburgh winter 2012.
Tasks include: Co-curation, coordination and management of exhibition opening event, and maintenance of artworks and the exhibition space for the during of the exhibition (2 weeks)