ELMCIP v1.26 released

World Cycling Championships 2017, Bergen - U23 Mens TT

ELMCIP 1.26 was released September 20 2017 during the UCI World Road World Championships in Bergen. The relase consentrate on improving the overall user experience working with forms. Creating or editing content got a face lift. The issues addressed is part of this project aming to improve the authorign experence.

ELMCIP on GitHub

ELMCIP on GitHub

ELMCIP is now a public repository on GitHub


Create new issues, comment existing issues, test, review, and help us improving the ELMCIP Knowledge Base. Open the Issues tab at

You will find more info on how to contribute in the front page.

Technical details

Stein Mange Bjørklund, lead developer, have written a blog post where he provide some techincal details about the project and and its work flow.

ELMCIP v1.25 released

Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik, Iceland

ELMCIP 1.25 was released from Reykjavik, Iceland, on Wednesday, June 21 2017. It contains a few changes to end users. Here is a few worth noticing:

  • Started improving submission forms. Improved all submission buttons. Visually clearer if it is a delete or submitt button.
  • Standardised how media is added to site. Image, files, and video etc. are all handled identical.
  • Original descriptions or abstracts now are hidden until you choose a language. Databases and Archives description language is now also have identical behavior then other type of content when adding original descriptions.
  • Event now support description submissions in original language.

A more complete list of changes is found bellow and in the full list of changes in the attached changelog.

ELMCIP v1.24 released

ELMCIP 1.24 was released on Wednesday, May 10 2017.

It contains quite a few changes to end users. Here is a few worth noticing:

ELMCIP v1.23 released

ELMCIP 1.23 was released Friday 31 of March. It is mostly a maintenance release. Crunch bugs and clean up stuff. Contains very few changes noticeable for a end user. Here is a few worth noticing.

ELMCIP v1.22 released

ELMCIP v1.22 was released this 31.11.2016.

It is time to bring out the fizzy drinks. Our first release in about two years without almost no data migration, or changes to our data storage/structure. Not having to fiddle with that give us more time to address other types of ELMCIP issues. This release have also test coverage then any of the previous releases. More testing not only help us to confirm that the issue at hand was properly fixed. More testing also result in that unrelated bugs and room for improvement get noticed. This have caused our backlog to grow a bit but I personally see this as a good thing not a bad thing. I encourage everyone to notice, and write down and file any issue that you might come across.

A big thank you to Hannah Ackermans that have done 99.997% of the end user testing.

Biggest changes since v1.21

For the complete list see attached document.

ELO 2017: Call for Papers and Works

ELO’17 - Electronic Literature > Affiliations, Communities, Translations

Hosted by UFP - University Fernando Pessoa, Porto, Portugal, July 19 - 22, 2017

NOTE: CFP extended deadline: Dec. 22, 2016

The ELO (Electronic Literature Organization) is pleased to announce its 2017 Conference and Festival, to be held from July 19-22. The Conference is hosted by University Fernando Pessoa, Porto, and the Festival and Exhibits will be held in the center of the historic city of Porto, Portugal.

ELMCIP v1.21 released

Biggest changes since v1.20

The complete list attached to this article.

The end of migration

The last of the node reference to entity reference have been done. Someone should by me a beer. It took us more then two years to complete them all. It have been difficult, tiresome and boring. Hope we never have to do this again. The main challenge have been changing all the views and verifying that they work, not the fields them self. All we have now is to clean up and remove migration tools and remove node reference from our system and all its data.

335 scholars and artists submitted proposals for ELO2015

Bergen is the 2015 host of the international Electronic Literature Organization conference, and has received a record number of submissions from scholars and artists around the world. This August, scholars and artists from around the world will meet in Bergen to discuss, exhibit and perform literary works created to take advantage of the networked computer. The University of Bergen has been a hub for research on electronic literature since Espen Aarseth coined the term cybertext in 1995, and today hosts the ELMCIP Knowledge Base of Electronic Literature as well as a group of international scholars in the field in the Bergen Electronic Literature Research Group, which is led by Scott Rettberg. Scott Rettberg is also the Conference Chair for ELO2015.

Ink After Print by Søren Pold at the Electronic Literature Reading Series, Bergen Public Library, Dec. 2, 6 pm

For the last event of the Fall 2014 Electronic Literature Reading Series, the Bergen Electronic Literature Research Group at the University of Bergen and the Bergen Public Library present

Ink After Print by Søren Pold

Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 6-8 pm, Bergen Public Library, Auditorium