ELMCIP v1.32 released

Version 1.32 was released Friday February 3 2020. Github issues addressed and issues that still need review.

ELMCIP v1.31 released

Version 1.31 was released Friday September 6. Github issues addressed and issues that still need review.

ELMCIP v1.30 released

Version 1.30 is out. As usual have we addressed problems and introduced improvements. We also now support ORCID on persons records. Ciritcal writing and creative work now support DOI information.

Short list of changes

Here is the short list of changes. More details found on our github site and the attached changelog.

V1.29 and deployment on NIRD (Sigma2)


This finalizes a long ongoing work, moving ELMCIP to a new infrastructure. ELMCIP have previously been hosted on Norstore, a more "old school" virtual machine system, but is now running in Docker containers and Kubernetes fancy swarm. This changes nothing for our end users but everything for system administrators and developers. Meaning, how the system is maintained and how we stages tests instances and do local development.


Mostly security changes and adjustments to project code to better match the new infrastructure and minor bug fixes.

commit ac736543f02b746ffd38fbd8cd07c37eab3c7c20 (HEAD -> master, tag: v1.29, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Stein Magne Bjorklund
Date: Mon May 28 19:56:07 2018 +0100

Module update File Entity (file_entity) 7.x-2.20 -> 7.x-2.21

ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base Symposium April 26-27, 2018, University of Bergen

The ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base (​​), an open-access, contributory research database, was launched in 2010 as part of the HERA-funded ELMCIP (Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice: Developing a Network-Based Creative Community). During and after the ELMCIP grant period (2010-2013), the Knowledge Base grew to become the most substantial research database in the field. The database now includes more than 12,000 records documenting creative works, critical writing, authors, publishers, organizations, events, teaching resources, databases and archives in the field of electronic literature, and is used on a daily basis by researchers around the world.

ELMCIP v1.28 released

Important changes: Several security improvements, all field help texts have been improved, SPAM protection service that had reached EOL removed. Aside that, a lot of bugfixes and improvements was rolled.

ELMCIP User Experience Survey -- Please Respond


ELMCIP v1.27 released

Mostly updates and minor bug fixes.

ELMCIP v1.26 released

World Cycling Championships 2017, Bergen - U23 Mens TT

ELMCIP 1.26 was released September 20 2017 during the UCI World Road World Championships in Bergen. The relase consentrate on improving the overall user experience working with forms. Creating or editing content got a face lift. The issues addressed is part of this project aming to improve the authorign experence.

ELMCIP on GitHub

ELMCIP on GitHub

ELMCIP is now a public repository on GitHub


Create new issues, comment existing issues, test, review, and help us improving the ELMCIP Knowledge Base. Open the Issues tab at

You will find more info on how to contribute in the front page.

Technical details

Stein Mange Bjørklund, lead developer, have written a blog post where he provide some techincal details about the project and and its work flow.