ELMCIP and CELL v1.39.2 released

Security and bugfixes release. We are focusing all work on the Drupal 9 migration. This should address the change introduced in Date:   Tue Aug 24 10:20:33 2021 - v1.39.1 - Search API (search_api)  7.x-1.27 -> 7.x-1.28 that broke our facet filters.


  • 5ad84f1 (HEAD -> master, tag: v1.39.2, origin/production, origin/master, origin/HEAD, production) Module update Views (views)  7.x-3.24  -> 7.x-3.25
  • 28a8709 Module upgrade Facet API (facetapi)  7.x-1.6 -> 7.x-1.9
  • 4c9c5b2 Search API 2159827 - base path missing
  • 168d91f Drupal module file_entity 7.x-2.30 -> 7.x-2.32