ELMCIP Project Publications

All Peer-Review Publications Emerging from the ELMCIP Project

The following is a list of peer-reviewed scientific and creative publications that resulted from the ELMCIP project from June 2010-August 2013, along with a few video documentaries. The project has thus far resulted in peer-reviewed publications including four special issues of journals and two books, as well as a digital anthology of electronic literature edited by members of the research consortium that has been published on the Web and on USB drives. Additionally, the PIs of the project and associated post-docs published articles and book chapters in a number of peer-review journals. In this list we provide information about the ELMCIP-developed publications first, followed by the publications by individual PIs, followed by video documentaries. Permanent identifiers are provided for all publications that we either currently or expect in the future to host in full text versions in the ELMCIP Knowledge Base or Anthology.

I. Publications Developed Directly by the ELMCIP Project

1) Simon Biggs, ed., Remediating the Social (ELMCIP, Bergen, 2012). Print ISBN: 978-82-999089-0-0. E-book ISBN: 978-82-999089-1-7. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4635. Open access.

Contents of Remediating the Social

2) Scott Rettberg, "Bootstrapping Electronic Literature: An Introduction to the ELMCIP Project" pp. 9-10. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4702. Open access.

3) Simon Biggs, "Remediating the Social" pp. 11-14. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4703. Open access.

4) Nick Montfort, "Programming for Fun, Together" pp. 15-19. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4631. Open access.

5) Roberto Simanowski, "The Compelling Charm of Numbers: Writing for and thru the Network of Data" pp. 20-27. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4705. Open access.

6) James Leach, "Creativity as a Social Relation" pp. 28-31. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4706. Open access.

7) Annie Abrahams, Artists' pages: "Huis Clos/No Exit - Beyond Spectacle" pp. 32-33. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4640. Open access.

8) Romy Achituv, Artists' pages: "The Garden Library" pp. 34-35. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4675. Open access.

9) Johannes Auer, Rene Bauer, and Beat Suter, Artists' pages: "Search Trilogy" pp. 36-37. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4641. Open access.

10) Philippe Bootz, Artists' pages: "Small Uncomfortable Reading Poems" pp. 38-39. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4672. Open access.

11) Mez Breeze, Artists' pages: "_The_Tem(Cor)p(oral)_Body_" pp. 40-41. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4699. Open access.

12) Andy Campbell and Kate Pullinger, Artists' pages: "Duel" pp. 42-43. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2196. Open access.

13) J.R. Carpenter, Artists' pages: "The Broadside of a Yarn" pp. 44-45. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4671. Open access.

14) John Cayley and Daniel C. Howe, Artists' pages: "Common Tongues" pp. 46-47. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4677. Open access.

15) Shu Lea Cheang, Artists' pages: "Baby Work" pp. 48-49. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4648. Open access.

16) Cris Cheek, Artists' pages: "B A C K L I T" pp. 50-51. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4673. Open access.

17) Johannes Heldén, Artists' pages: "Natural History" pp. 52-53. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4551. Open access.

18) Brendan Howell, Artists' pages: "Exquisite Code" pp. 54-55. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/941. Open access.

19) Aya Karpinska, Artists' pages: "Absurd in Public" pp. 56-57. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4700. Open access.

20) Donna Leishman, Artists' pages: "Borderline" pp. 58-59. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4679. Open access.

21) Judd Morrissey and Mark Jeffery, Artists' pages: "The Final Problem" pp. 60-61. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4676. Open access.

22) Jason Nelson, Artists' pages: "Textual Skyline" pp. 62-63. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4678. Open access.

23) Penny Travlou, "Rhizomes, Lines and Nomads: Doing Fieldwork with Creative Networked Communities" pp. 65-69. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4704. Open access.

24) Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, "DIWO: Do It With Others—No Ecology without Social Ecology" pp. 69-74. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4708. Open access.

25) Daphne Dragona, "The New Gamified Social" pp. 75-79. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4712. Open access.

26) Janez Strehovec, "Derivative Writing: E-Literature in the World of New Social and Economic Paradigms" pp. 79-83. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4712. Open access.

27) Alexandra Saemmer, "Evaluating Digital Literature: Social Networks, Selection Processes and Criteria" pp. 83-88. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4719. Open access.

28) Romy Achituv, "Embodied Algorithms: On Space and Mobility as Structural Metaphors" pp. 89-92. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4707. Open access.

29) Loss Pequeño Glazier, "Stringing Disturbances in Poetic Array Spaces: Reading by Close Reading" pp. 93-97. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4718. Open access.

30) Roderick Coover, "Constructs of the Interactive Documentary Image in Inside/Outside, The Unknown Territories Project, and Estuary" pp. 98-101. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7288. Open access.

31) Chris Joseph, Christine Wilks, and Randy Adams, Artists' pages: "R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX" pp. 102-105. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4723. Open access.

32) Leonardo L. Flores, "Authorial Scholarship 2.0: Tracing the Creative Process in Online Communities" pp. 106-110. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4715. Open access.

33) Chris Funkhouser and Andrew Klobucar, "Players Only Love You When They’re Playin': Community as Algorithm in Programmable Poetics" pp. 110-115. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4716. Open access.

34) Cécile Chevalier, "Rendezvous: A Collaboration Between Art, Research and Communities" pp. 116-121. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4709. Open access.

35) Natalia Fedorova, "Where is E-Lit in Rulinet?" pp. 122-124. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4713. Open access.

36) Yvonne Spielmann, "Thinking in Networks: Western/Non-Western Interaction" pp. 125-128. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4720. Open access.

37) Donna Leishman, "Out of Place: Digital In-Grouping" pp. 129-133. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4717. Open access.

38) Daniel C. Howe, John Cayley, Jason Huff, and Mimi Cabell, "Invisible Participation: Language and the Internet" pp. 134-137. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/5288. Open access.

39) Elena Cooper, "Of People Not Machines: Authorship, Copyright and the Computer Programmer" pp. 138-141. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4710. Open access.

40) Angela A. Thomas, "Remediating English Pedagogy: Nurturing Immersive, Complex and Creative Literary Experiences for Students in Contemporary Times" pp. 142-147. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4722. Open access.

41) Penny Florence, "Re-reading the Digital: An Inquiry Through Practice" pp. 147-150. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4714. Open access.

42) Mark Amerika, "Re:Mix" pp. 151. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4670. Open access.

43) Maria Engberg, Talan Memmott, and David Prater, eds., The ELMCIP Anthology of European Electronic Literature (ELMCIP, Bergen, 2012). ISBN: 978-82-999089-2-4. Permanent identifier: http://anthology.elmcip.net. Open access.

Contents of The ELMCIP Anthology of European Electronic Literature

44) Paul Bogaert, "Injecties (Injections)". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/injecties.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2859. Open access.

45) Philippe Bootz, "Retournement". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/retournement.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2859. Open access.

46) Serge Bouchardon and Vincent Volckaert, "Loss of Grasp". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/loss-of-grasp.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/135. Open access.

47) Andy Campbell, "The Flat". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/the-flat.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/1506. Open access.

48) J.R. Carpenter, "Along the Briny Beach". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/along-the-briny-beach.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/1748. Open access.

49) Johannes Heldén, "Väljarna". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/valjarna.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2011. Open access.

50) Zuzana Husárová and Ľubomír Panák, "BA-Tale". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/ba-tale.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2365. Open access.

51) Andreas Maria Jacobs, "La Resocialista Internacional". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/la-resocialista-internacional.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2365. Open access.

52) María Mencía, "Connected Memories". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/connected-memories.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/403. Open access.

53) Martine Neddam, "To Be or Not To Be Mouchette". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/to-be-or-not-to-be-mouchette.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2769. Open access.

54) Tonnus Oosterhoff, "Slaaplied (Lullaby)". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/slaaplied.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2856. Open access.

55) Ottar Ormstad, "Svevedikt". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/svevedikt.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2841. Open access.

56) Jörg Piringer, "RepeatAfterMe". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/repeatafterme.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2364. Open access.

57) Alexandra Saemmer, "Tramway". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/tramway.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2243. Open access.

58) Gerald Smith, "Noise". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/noise.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2818. Open access.

59) Beat Suter and René Bauer, "AndOrDada". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/andordada.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2411. Open access.

60) Rui Torres, "PoemAds - Sob o Signo da Devoração". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/sob-o-signo-da-devoracao.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4968. Open access.

61) Christine Wilks, "Underbelly". URL: http://anthology.elmcip.net/works/underbelly.html. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/2070. Open access.

62) Scott Rettberg and Patricia Tomaszek, eds., "Electronic Literature Communities, Part I", Special issue, Dichtung Digital 41, 2012. URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.org/Newsletter/aktuell/english.htm. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/3838. Open access.

Contents of Dichtung Digital 41

63) Scott Rettberg and Patricia Tomaszek, "Electronic Literature Communities, Part I" (Editorial). URL: http://dichtung-digital.de/editorial/2012_41.htm. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/5680. Open access.

64) Simon Biggs and Penny Travlou, "Distributed Authorship and Creative Communities". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.org/2012/41/biggs-travlou.htm. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/3836. Open access.

65) Serge Bouchardon, "Digital Literature in France". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.org/2012/41/bouchardon.htm. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/3837. Open access.

66) Philippe Bootz, "From OULIPO to Transitoire Observable". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.org/2012/41/bootz.htm. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/3835. Open access.

67) Jill Walker Rettberg, "Electronic Literature Seen from a Distance: The Beginnings of a Field". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.org/2012/41/walker-rettberg.htm. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/3834. Open access.

68) Scott Rettberg, "Developing an Identity for the Field of Electronic Literature: Reflections on the Electronic Literature Organization Archives". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.org/2012/41/rettberg.htm. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/3833. Open access.

69) Rob Wittig, "Shyness, Cushions, and Food: Case Studies in American Creative Communities". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.org/2012/41/wittig.htm. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/3832. Open access.

70) Hans Kristian Rustad, "A Short History of Electronic Literature and Communities in the Nordic Countries". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.org/2012/41/rustad.htm. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/3831. Open access.

71) Nick Montfort and Emily Short, "Interactive Fiction Communities: From Preservation through Promotion and Beyond". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.org/2012/41/montfort-short.htm. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/3830. Open access.

72) Donna Leishman, "The Flash Community: Implications for Post-Conceptualism". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.org/2012/41/leishman.htm. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/3829. Open access.

73) Stuart Moulthrop, "Sc4nda1 in New Media". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.org/2012/41/moulthrop/snm/. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8705. Open access.

74) Scott Rettberg and Patricia Tomaszek, eds., "Electronic Literature Communities, Part II", Special issue, Dichtung Digital 42, 2012. URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/en/journal/aktuelle-nummer/. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7090. Open access.

Contents of Dichtung Digital 42

75) Scott Rettberg and Patricia Tomaszek, "Electronic Literature Communities, Part II" (Editorial). URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/en/journal/aktuelle-nummer/?postID=852. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7091. Open access.

76) David M. Meurer, "Towards Network Narrative: Electronic Literature, Communication Technologies, and Cultural Production". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/en/journal/aktuelle-nummer/?postID=593. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7292. Open access.

77) Loss Pequeño Glazier, "Communities/Commons: A Snap Line of Digital Practice". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/en/journal/aktuelle-nummer/?postID=540. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7092. Open access.

78) Ottar Ormstad, "From Concrete to Digital Poetry: Driving Down the Road of Continuity? A Personal Report from Norway". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/en/journal/aktuelle-nummer/?postID=599. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7095. Open access.

79) Andrew Michael Roberts, Lisa Otty, Martin H. Fischer, and Anna Katharina Schaffner, "Creative Practice and Experimental Method in Electronic Literature and Human Experimental Psychology". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/en/journal/aktuelle-nummer/?postID=1005. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7295. Open access.

80) Laura Borràs Castanyer, "Growing up Digital: The Emergence of E-Lit Communities in Spain. The Case of Catalonia 'And the Rest is Literature'". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/en/journal/aktuelle-nummer/?postID=620. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7093. Open access.

81) Yra van Dijk, "Topdown Digital Literature: The Effects of Institutional Collaborations and Communities". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/en/journal/aktuelle-nummer/?postID=830. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7094. Open access.

82) Jerome Fletcher and Lisa Somma, "Offshore of Writing: E-Literature and the Island". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/en/journal/aktuelle-nummer/?postID=525. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7299. Open access.

83) Anders Sundnes Løvlie, "Flâneur, a Walkthrough: Locative Literature as Participation and Play". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/en/journal/aktuelle-nummer/?postID=549. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7096. Open access.

84) Mark C. Marino and Rob Wittig, "Netprov: Elements of an Emerging Form". URL: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/en/journal/aktuelle-nummer/?postID=577. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/7300. Open access.

85) Janez Strehovec, ed., "Electronic Literature and the New Media Art", Thematic section, Primerjalna Književnost 36.1, 2013. URL: http://sdpk.si/revija/PKn_2013_1.pdf. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8760. Open access.

Contents of Thematic Section, Primerjalna Književnost 36.1

86) Janez Strehovec, "Elektronska Literatura in Novomedijska Umetnost. Uvod v Tematski Sklop" pp. 1-6. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8763. Open access.

87) Janez Strehovec, "Electronic Literature and the New Media Art: Introduction to the Thematic Section" pp. 7-12. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8764. Open access.

88) Markku Eskelinen, "The Four Corners of the E-Lit World: Textual Instruments, Operational Logics, Wetware Studies, and Cybertext Poetics" pp. 13-23. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8765. Open access.

89) Giovanna Di Rosario, "Analyzing Electronic Poetry. Three Examples of Textualities in Digital Media" pp. 25-38. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8766. Open access.

90) Philippe Bootz, "Programmed Digital Poetry: A Media Art?" pp. 41-60. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8767. Open access.

91) Aleš Vaupotič, "Med Literaturo in Novomedijsko Umetnostjo: Sonetoidni Spletni Projekti Vuka Ćosića in Tea Spillerja" pp. 61-78. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8768. Open access.

92) Narvika Bovcon, "Literarni Vidiki Novomedijskih del Jake Železnikarja in Sreča Dragana" pp. 81-101. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8770. Open access.

93) Janez Strehovec, "Elektronska Literatura in Nove Družbene Paradigme" pp. 103-121. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8771. Open access.

94) Jerome Fletcher with Ric Allsopp, eds., "On Writing and Digital Media", Special issue, Performance Research 18:5, November 2013. In press.

Contents of Performance Research 18:5

95) Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya, “Towards a Poor (Techno)Theatre / Escritura Acto”. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8710.

96) Sandy Baldwin, "R/W/E or CHMOD -777". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8711.

97) Kathi Inman Berens and Leonardo Flores, "Aura in the Age of Computational Production". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8712.

98) Joanna Brown, Natasha Vicars, Mary Paterson, Tiffany Charrington, Eddy Dreadnought, Sally Labern and Tamarin Norwood, "Transcript of the Twitter Performance ‘Dawn Chorus’, October 2011" (Artists' pages). Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8720.

99) Wayne Burrows, Michael Pinchbeck, and Nathaniel J. Miller, "Extending the Platform: Digital Pragmatism and Hatch Nottingham". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8724.

100) Gabriella Calchi-Novati, "'Signature of Digital Subversion' – Joseph DeLappe’s Online-Writing Performances". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8726.

101) J.R. Carpenter, "The Broadside of a Yarn: A Situationist Strategy for Spinning Sea Stories Ashore". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/5008.

102) John Cayley, "Reading and Giving–Voice and Language". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8727.

103) Emma Cocker, "Live Code: Notations on a Kairotic Practice". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8729.

104) Christophe Collard, "Jesurun’s Digitalist Firefall: Staging the Analogical Relation as Cognitive Performance". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4049.

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108) Rosemary Klich, "Send: Act: Perform". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8736.

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111) Alexandra Saemmer, "Reading (De)coherent Hypertexts: A Creative Performance Based on a Close Reading of the German Hyperfiction Zeit für die Bombe". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/4047.

112) Kate Sicchio, "Hacking Choreography". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8744.

113) Amy Papaelias, "Moving Words: Performative Readings of Kinetic Typography". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8746.

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Contents of Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice: A Report from the HERA Joint Research Project

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129) Scott Rettberg with Eric Dean Rasmussen, "The ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base: Project Report". Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8836. Open access.

II. Other ELMCIP Publications in Peer-Review Venues

130) Scott Rettberg, "From Traces to Collective Memory: Databases and the Development of the Field of Electronic Literature" in The Digital Subject: Questioning Hypermnesia (Les Presses du Réel, Paris, 2014). In press. Permanent identifier: http://elmcip.net/node/8841. Open access (prepress).

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