ELMCIP and CELL v1.39.5 released

Security and bugfixes release. We are focusing all other work on the ongoing Drupal 9 upgrade.

Information on github: https://github.com/elmcip/elmcip/releases/tag/v1.39.5

  • 49f112e (HEAD -> production, tag: v1.39.5, origin/production, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master) Update CELL composer installed libs
  • 90abe9b Update guzzle lib
  • f0ade12 Module upgrade Media: YouTube 7.x-3.10 -> 7.x-3.11
  • 2463fb4 Drupal core security update and improved autoloading
  • f041a53 upgrade drush
  • b65c6a2 (tag: v1.39.4) Update Roave secutiy
  • e761c20 Untangle Falg module config
  • 2498222 Remove colorbox module
  • d47416f Media (media) 7.x-2.27 -> 7.x-2.28
  • 569996a File Entity (file_entity) 7.x-2.35 -> 7.x-2.36
  • b37fc17 Features (features) 7.x-2.13 -> 7.x-2.14
  • cff6642 Drupal core and 3-part modules security updates
  • 4037737 Move from PHP 7.3 to 7.4
  • 0381b39 Move from PHP 7.3 to 7.4
  • e34d76f CVE-2022-24728 - bump CKEditor to 4.18.x