ELMCIP and CELL v1.38 released

Finally a version that also introduces changes to the site design. We are brightening up site, dropping most of the old colors that have been part of ELMCIP for the last 7 years. We improve the general accessibility by increasing the contrasts and legibility. The header visual footprint is also reduced allowing more screen real estate to be available for the electronic literature entries.

The rest of new site design will be introduced in the Drupal 9 version coming soon. Design work is was done by the wonderful Lucila Mayol.

ELMCIP and CELL v1.37 released

Mostly module and Drupal core security updates. We are currently migrating ELMCIP and CELL from Drupal 7 to 9 and are holding back on all new features until we can implement them directly in Drupal 9.

ELMCIP and CELL v1.36 released

Happy new year everyonw. 2021 have so far been terrifying though we still managed to relases on 11.11.2021 V1.36 with quite a few interface changes and tighter integration.


  • ELMCIP logo improvment
  • New layout of ELCIP news/blog section.
  • Introduce footer menues. We are moving meny items from the page header to the footer menus. The header is in the future getting smaller freeing up more screen space for article content.
  • Improments in the local and test site staging scripts and integration. Makes it easier to stage, maintaine and develop the CELL code base.

Further details can be found in ELMCIP issue queue.

ELMCIP and CELL v1.35 released

Steinmb 2021 gazing

We rounded of 2020 14.12.2020 by releasing V1.35. This relase is mostly about CELL and us formally taking over the production and maintainance of site.

  • Major updating to the CELL code base to the very latest 2020 versions. Detailed information about all the work done can be found in Milestone 1 and Pre production milestone.
  • Improve speed and security.
  • Introducting a CELL test site: allowing everyone to test out next relase. We are releasing new versions of CELL in sync with ELMCIP.

ELMCIP v1.34 released

Highlighted features:

More details in our milstone on

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