ELMCIP and CELL v1.38 released

Finally a version that also introduces changes to the site design. We are brightening up site, dropping most of the old colors that have been part of ELMCIP for the last 7 years. We improve the general accessibility by increasing the contrasts and legibility. The header visual footprint is also reduced allowing more screen real estate to be available for the electronic literature entries.

The rest of new site design will be introduced in the Drupal 9 version coming soon. Design work is was done by the wonderful Lucila Mayol.


  • 8d9f011CELL related repo now public, changing to https
  • a77454c Feature resync Wysiwyg profiles settings
  • a15207c Drupal module update Wysiwyg 7.x-2.7 and use CKeditor from composer
  • 8f4c0a7 Increase white space around content
  • 2b2d4ed Tab transitions added to improve user experience
  • 0e60c92 Move tabs above title and use flexbox for layout
  • f2f8fdc Border graphic should not overflow content
  • 111d6cc Reduce the header logo size
  • 1c5fd5c Theme logo should not have hover state
  • cf02f22 Theme field labels uses ems
  • ab9dd56 Theme social network icons do not need a hover state
  • b426ab5 Theme no longer use bold field labels
  • 6cab665 Theme header and footer hover states matches new colors
  • 50481ba Hyperlinks in general should match the new color scheme
  • 43e6847 Drupal upgrade 7.80 -> 7.81
  • 233e70f Update drush
  • 944d442 Theme paddings and margins not needed after background colors was dropped
  • 913537b Site header visual separation graphic
  • 94f35d4 Drop sidebar background
  • 9dae569 New position of header blocks
  • 6b230a0 New green ELMCIP logo
  • 69b10c4 Dropping background and links need to change with it
  • d04a9db New and smaller site header
  • 1371ed9 Search page - Reduce long facet filters soft limit
  • 1dcaa67 Theme reducing number of header blocks


Scald removed in the previous verstion leaving video transcoding support and audio file magic behind. It has no also been removed, no longer needed. All rendered by the Media and File entity modules.

8559dd9 Cellproject remove video and audo field modules and libraries
5a8e163 Cellproject lib updates and bumping build version to PHP 7.3.x
50b8c86 Cellproject module updates: Webform and i18n