ELMCIP and CELL v1.36 released

Happy new year everyonw. 2021 have so far been terrifying though we still managed to relases on 11.11.2021 V1.36 with quite a few interface changes and tighter cellproject.net integration.


  • ELMCIP logo improvment
  • New layout of ELCIP news/blog section.
  • Introduce footer menues. We are moving meny items from the page header to the footer menus. The header is in the future getting smaller freeing up more screen space for article content.
  • Improments in the local and test site staging scripts and integration. Makes it easier to stage, maintaine and develop the CELL code base.

Further details can be found in ELMCIP issue queue.


  • We removed all duplicated libraries and modules from system. Reducing the maintainance load installation footprint.
  • Duplicated Search system is now disabled, freeing up memory and reduced time running maintainance jobs.
  • Theme system bugs and improvements addressed.
  • Replaced Scald media system with Media. Make CELL and ELMCIP media entities behave in the same way. Paving way for eaiser Drupal 9 migration.

Further details about the work can be found in CELL issue queue.