ELMCIP and CELL v1.39 released

This release introduce, support for https://the-next.eliterature.org/ entries. We have have improved the ORCID validation and URL generated in persons records. The new header and footer enabled us to increase the site font sizes without running out of space. It should improve the readability in general but also for visual impaired and users on small screens. Stub records should look better by us introducing a "sticky footer". This stops this section from floating up into the content.

Search page have been improved. We have reduced the amount of facet filters exposed when you first enter https://elmcip.net/search - When the user select a record type we expose the active facet filters for the record type selected.



  • cc4797c Issue 467 Update link settings with custom formatter and validator.
  • b6cc212 Issue 467 Improve ORCID validation and render
  • 73c2f33 Issue 468 Add field for ELO's The NEXT
  • fd3d88d Theme make footer stick to page bottom
  • d51370b Copyright statements in page bottom use new colors
  • daea126 Increase footer and header menu font size
  • 0c59577 Increase base font size
  • 1b2fc81 Example theme media query low res.
  • 30be3b7 Improve facet blocks titles
  • 9acce2a Make search page better match new theme styles