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Florian Cramer (photo by Theo Huijgens, 2015)
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Florian Cramer, born in Berlin in 1969, is a reader in 21st Century Visual Culture at Willem de Kooning Academy and Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

In his own words (in 2014): "My personal background is a mix of comparative literature and art history combined with post-punk and post-Fluxus DIY culture, technical-critical obsessions with 'radical' media such as the Unix command line and analog filmmaking, and a research interest in both structural poetics and politics of the arts. In the last couple of years, I have moved on from cultural studies of computational poetics (such as in my English essay Words Made Flesh, written in 2004 in Rotterdam, and in my German book Exe.cut[up]able Statements published in 2011) to practice-oriented research, with a renewed interest in non-institutional arts practices outside old/new media, analog/digital and fine art-vs.-applied art dichotomies. Some of this is reflected in my last book Anti-Media (a collection of essays and ephemera published in 2013 by NAi010) and my essay What is post-digital?"

He collaborated in various small publishing projects including the software art repository Runme.org, the Unstable Digest of code poetry, the WORM Parallel University Press. He also collaborated on publications, performances/interventions and other media with Lloyd Dunn, Stewart Home, John Berndt, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, Istvan Kantor, Roberto Bui, Eva & Franco Mattes, Heinrich Dubel, Sebastian Luetgert, Rafael Horzon, Cornelia Sollfrank, Alan Sondheim, mez breeze, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Katrien Jacobs, Coolhaven, Jeroen Kuster, Mariëtte Groot, filmwerkplaats collective, Paolo Davanzo & Lisa Marr, Wilhelm Hein & Annette Frick, Lukas Simonis & Ergo Phizmiz, Jan van den Dobbelsteen, Rasheedah Phillips, Frank Rowenta, Goodiepal & Pals, Woodstone Kugelblitz and Clara Balaguer.

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Critical writing by this author:

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