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Topographic Writing: Hypertext and the Electronic Writing Space Jay David Bolter
The Origins of Electronic Literature: An Overview Giovanna Di Rosario, Nohelia Meza
Playing with rather than by the Rules: Metaludicity, Allusive Fallacy and Illusory Agency in The Path. Astrid Ensslin
Digital Fiction and Worlds of Perspective David Ciccoricco
Media-Specific Metalepsis in 10:01 Alice Bell
From Theorizing to Analyzing Digital Fiction Alice Bell, Astrid Ensslin, Hans Kristian Rustad
Will Computer Games Ever Be a Legitimate Art Form? Ernest Adams
Reading Digital Fiction: From Hypertext to Timeline Roberto Simanowski
Hyperfiction as a Medium for Drifting Times: A Close Reading of the German Hyperfiction Zeit für die Bombe Alexandra Saemmer
Figures of Gestural Manipulation in Digital Fictions Serge Bouchardon
“Where to begin? Multiple narrative paths in web fiction” Jessica Laccetti
"Do you want to hear about it?' Exploring possible worlds in Michael Joyce's hyperfiction, afternoon, a story" Alice Bell
Storyspace Estranged: Kathy Mac’s Unnatural Habitats Mariusz Pisarski
'Into an alien ocean:' The Lore of Kathy Mac’s Unnatural Habitats Astrid Ensslin
Like a Dog Chasing its Tail Aidan Walker
Under the Parable. Hypertext and Trauma in Genetis: A Rhizography Mariusz Pisarski
A Sucker in Spades & Transitional Media Dene Grigar
Reformers vs Capitalists: Hypertext and Simulation in The Election of 1912 Mariusz Pisarski
Hypertext Lake: Carolyn Guyer’s Quibbling or Lessons in Hypertext Reading Mariusz Pisarski
Affect, Emotion and Sensation in New Media Writing: The Work of John Cayley, MD Coverlry and Jason Nelson in Literature and Sensation, Cambridge Scholars Publishing Hazel Smith
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