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Chinese Literature's Transformation and Digital Existence in the New Century Ouyang Youquan
Electronic Literature in China Jinghua Guo
Electronic Literature and the Effects of Cyberspace on the Body Xiana Sotelo, Maya Zalbidea Paniagua
Unhelpful Tools: Reexamining the Digital Humanities through Eugenio Tisselli’s degenerative and regenerative Justin Berner
Collaborative Reading Praxis Jeremy Douglass, Mark C. Marino, Jessica Pressman
Digital Creativity as Critical Material Thinking: The Disruptive Potential of Electronic Literature Alex Saum-Pascual
Something there badly not wrong: the life and death of literary form in databases Joseph Tabbi
Addressing Significant Societal Challenges Through Critical Digital Media Scott Rettberg, Roderick Coover
Introduction: Electronic Literature as a Framework for the Digital Humanities Alex Saum-Pascual, Scott Rettberg
Appealing to Your Better Judgement: A Call for Database Criticism Hannah Ackermans
Lit Mods Álvaro Seiça
Walking, Haunting, and Affirmative Aesthetics: The Case of Women without Men Maud Ceuterick
Electronic Literature in the Database and the Database in Electronic Literature Hannah Ackermans, Inge van de Ven
text is not static Jeremy Hight
Parsing the Cold: McLaughlin’s Notes Toward Absolute Zero Robert Kendall
Source Code: Linguistic, Literary, and Cultural Meaning-Making in Generative Literature (paper) Hannah Ackermans
Narrating the Sociality of the Database: A Digital Hermeneutic Reading of The Atlas Group Archive and haikU (paper) Hannah Ackermans
Multiplying Options Mike Leggett
Minding the Frontier: Teaching Hypertext Poetry and Fiction Online Robert Kendall
Don't Eat the Yellow Hypertext: Notes on Figurski at Findhorn on Acid Richard Holeton
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