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Post-Covid-19 Education and Education Technology ‘Solutionism’: a Seller’s Market Marko Teräs, Juha Suoranta, Hanna Teräs, Mark Curcher
Automation, APIs and the distributed labour of platform pedagogies in Google Classroom Carlo Perrotta, Kalvero N. Gulson, Ben Williamson, Kevin Witzenberger
Why don’t we read hypertext novels? Anne Mangen, Adriaan van der Weel
Editorial: the datafication of education Juliana Jarke, Andreas Breiter
Introduction: Critical studies of digital education platforms Mathias Decuypere, Emiliano Grimaldi, Paolo Landri
“Multiliteracies”: New Literacies, New Learning Bill Cope, Mary Kalantzis
The Challenge of 21st-Century Literacies Cathy Burnett, Guy Merchant
Giving Teaching Back to Education: Responding to the Disappearance of the Teacher Gert J.J. Biesta
The text and cultural politics Michael W. Apple
Hackers, computers, and cooperation: A critical history of logo and constructionist learning Morgan G. Ames
The Animated Reader: Poetry of "Surround Audience" Fan Wu
New Wine, Old Wineskins: Authorship and Digitalizing Nigerian Oral Poetry through New Media Technologies James Tar Tsaaior
Is Third Generation Literature Postweb Literature? And Why Should We Care? Alex Saum-Pascual
Digital inequalities 2.0: Legacy inequalities in the information age Laura Robinson, Jeremy Schulz, Grant Blank
A Figment of Their Imagination: ADOLESCENT POETIC LITERACY IN AN ONLINE AFFINITY SPACE Elizabeth Padgett, Jen Scott Curwood
Everybody's Poetry Prathna Lor
Poetry for the People? Modern Chinese Poetry in the Age of the Internet Heather Inwood
Toward Inclusive Learning Spaces: Physiological, Cognitive, and Cultural Inclusion and the Learning Space Rating System Richard Holeton
Hacia una nueva historia de la poesía hispánica: Escritura tecnetoesquelética e hipertexto en poetas contemporáneas en la red. Tina Escaja
Po/ética Trashumante y Resistencia en Dos Proyectos Digitales: de "Negro en ovejas" a "Emblem/as". Tina Escaja
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