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Storytelling with virtual reality in 360-degrees: a new screen grammar Kath Dooley
Beyond Maximalism: Resolving the Novelistic Incompatibilities of Realism, Paranoia, Omniscience, and Encyclopedism through Electronic Literature David Thomas Henry Wright, Chris Arnold
From Ireland with Letters: Issues in Public Electronic Literature Judy Malloy
Writing with the Australian Archive: Digital Posthuman Approaches to Australian Literature David Thomas Henry Wright
Mother/Home/Heaven: Augmented Reality Hauntings Caitlin Fisher, Tony Vieira
Future Fiction Storytelling Machines: Histories And Next Horizons Of Electronic Literature Caitlin Fisher
"A Snap of the Universe”: Digital Storytelling, as in Conversation with Caitlin Fisher Caitlin Fisher, Lai-Tze Fan
River Monsters: Forking Paths, Simultaneous Timelines and Continuity Over 25 Years of Creative Practice Caitlin Fisher
John Clark’s Latin Verse Machine: 19th Century Computational Creativity Mike Sharples
Digital Orihon (デジタル 折り本): The (un)continuous shape of the novel David Thomas Henry Wright
Digital Literary Creative Practice and COVID-19 David Thomas Henry Wright
Developing a Choice-Based Digital Fiction for Body Image Bibliotherapy Christine Wilks, Astrid Ensslin, Carla Rice, Sarah Riley, Megan Perram, K. Alysse Bailey, Lauren Munro, Hannah Fowlie
The Possibilities of Illness Narratives in Virtual Reality for Bodies at the Margins Megan Perram, Astrid Ensslin
Close Reading of Stephanie Strickland, Cyntia Lawson Jaramillo and Paul Ryan’s slippingglimpse Maya Zalbidea Paniagua
Thirteen Ways of Looking at Electronic Literature, or, A Print Essai on Tone in Electronic Literature, 1.0 Mario Aquilina, Ivan Callus
Looking Back while Moving Forward: The Case of Concrete Poetry and Sankofa Kwabena Opoku-­Agyemang
First and Second Waves of Indian Electronic Literature Shanmugapriya T, Nirmala Menon
Third Generation Electronic Literature and Artisanal Interfaces: Resistance in the Materials Kathi Inman Berens
Theatricality in the midst of a pandemic: An assessment of artistic responses to COVID-19 pandemic in Zimbabwe Nkululeko Sibanda, Cletu Moyo
Fall 2021 Editors' Note Adam Eddy, Amanda Hodes
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