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Spring 2021 Editors' Note Amanda Hodes, Sonya Lara
Fall 2020 Editors' Note Kira Homsher, John Darcy
A 2020 Computer-Generated Text as a Posthuman Mode of Literature Production Annika Elstermann
‘Grasp All, Lose All’: Raising Awareness Through Loss of Grasp in Seemingly Functional Interfaces Diogo Marques
Classroom Netprov: A Walkthrough of Electronic Literature Support Group for Teachers Hannah Ackermans
Follow the Pathfinders: a Case Study Approach to Production, Use, and Readership on Scalar Hannah Ackermans
Biometric Poetics: The Case of Eververse Justin Tonra, David Kelly
Latin American Electronic Literature Created by Women Thea Pitman
Better with the Sound On; or, The Singularity of Reading and Writing Under Constraint Hannah Ackermans
The Visual Music Imaginary of 88 Constellations for Wittgenstein: Exploring Philosophical Concepts through Digital Rhetoric Nohelia Meza, Giovanna Di Rosario
Translating A Work of Digital Literature Into Several Languages: A Case Study Serge Bouchardon, Nohelia Meza
Women Creators of Latin American Electronic Literature: A Geographical Overview Nohelia Meza
A Platform Poetics: Computational Art, Material and Formal Specificities, and 101 BASIC Poems Nick Montfort
Contemporary Posterity: A Helpful Oxymoron Malthe Stavning Erslev
Data-Realism: Reading and Writing Datafied Text Malthe Stavning Erslev, Søren Bro Pold
I Forced a Bot to Read over 1,000 Papers from Open Access Journals and Then Asked It to Write a Paper of Its Own. Here Is the Result. Or, a Quasi-Materialist Approach to Bot-Mimicry Malthe Stavning Erslev
Genre-bending on an Academic Platform: Three Creative Works on Scalar Hannah Ackermans
Verschiebungen und Transformationen Mark Amerikas "Grammatron" Karin Wenz
Super-Scroll-Back: B Uwe Wirth
Multiple Personality Disorder als Bildschirmkombination Quadrego Roberto Simanowski
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