Fall 2020 Editors' Note

Critical Writing
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Last March, halfway through assembling the Spring 2020 issue of The New River, we had to adjust to a fully online mode of collaboration. Between then and now, though a tremendous amount has changed, our mission has remained the same. Since its foundation, The New River has devoted its platform to emerging and established artists exploring the intersection of digital art and literature. The COVID-19 pandemic has shed new light on what it means to run a digital journal, especially at a time when so many of our daily interactions and responsibilities have, by necessity, shifted to the digital realm.

The work we have selected for our Fall 2020 issue helps us come into a deeper understanding of how this current period of crisis strips bare long-standing inequities and injustices, calling us to exercise a cache of empathy and compassion we might have never known before. These pieces demonstrate how art can be a guiding force through even the most turbulent times, pushing us beyond our private quarantine bubbles and back into the world, where art and creativity persist.

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Amanda Hodes