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Axolotls and Perfume Bottles: Forms of Translation, Experimental Texts Rewritten As Migrations To Digital Media Marjorie C. Luesebrink, Stephanie Strickland
(Ghosts of) Generative Literature in Italy Between Past, Present and Future Roberta Iadevaia
Locating Literary Practices/Expressions in Indian Digital Spaces Shanmugapriya T, Nirmala Menon
A Narrative Analysis of the Use of Social Media in SKAM Jill Walker Rettberg
TACTO/CONTACTO: operações poético-hápticas em ACÇÃO FÉNIX 2.0 E INSTALAÇÃO de Silvestre Pestana e Rara Avis de Eduardo Kac Diogo Marques
INTER[(SURF)ACES] Diogo Marques
The Endgame for Electronic Literature? Diogo Marques
Through the Touching Glass – Hapticity, Multisensoriality and the Digital Interface Diogo Marques
Im)movable bodies or (Un)moving Texts? Haptic Reading Processes in Electronic Literature Diogo Marques
Du mouvant François Bon
Reconfigurations du littéraire dans une culture numérique Christian Vandendorpe
Cherchez le livre ! Eleonora Acerra, Brigitte Louichon
Littérature et numérique : archéologie d'un paradoxe Alexandra Saemmer
Pourquoi faut-il enseigner la littérature numérique ? Serge Bouchardon
Code Before Content? Brogrammer Culture in Games and Electronic Literature Anastasia Salter
80 days: Breaking the Boundaries between Video Games and Literature Kathi Inman Berens
Circle-ing Back to What Matters: Electronic Literature as Material Feminism Jessica Pressman
Young Adult Literature and the Queer Politics of Artistic Fan Production Angel Matos
Going Native: Postcolonial Traditions in Translation Yvonne Hammond
'Where Are You Running Off To?': Ghanian Flash Fiction and Flash Fiction Ghana Kwabena Opoku-­Agyemang
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