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Peripheries2: Czech and Slovak digital literature on the edge of domestic and foreign interest Tomas Franta
Introduction (What (in the World) Was Postmodernism) David Ciccoricco
#PEAE (Participatif Ethology in Artificial Environments) Annie Abrahams
The Birth of the Algorithmic Author: NLG Systems as Tools and Agents Leah Henrickson
Beyond the Periphery of Modernist Prose: Digital Faulknerian Stream-of-Consciousness David Thomas Henry Wright
A Little Transmediation Can Be a Dangerous Thing, or What Happened When I Made a Multimedia Poem from an Artist’s Book Richard Holeton
Infinite Verse Nick Montfort
Having Your Story and Eating It Too: Affect and Narrative in Recombinant Fiction Will Luers
On Reusability and Electronic Literature James O’Sullivan
Visible and Invisible Archives: The Database Aesthetics of The Atlas Group Archive and haikU Hannah Ackermans
Nodes Without Edges: Peripheries of the Database Hannah Ackermans
Mapping Spanish E-lit, networks, Readings and Communities Laura Sánchez Gómez
First Half-Century of Electronic Literature at Brown Robert Coover, Robert Arellano
Third Generation Electronic Literature Leonardo Flores
Source Code: Linguistic, Literary, and Cultural Meaning-Making in Generative Literature Hannah Ackermans
Narrating (Through) Space: Implementation as a Diffractive Reading Between Text and Context Hannah Ackermans
Coping with bits: Leonardo Flores Leonardo Flores
Coping with bits: Dene Grigar Dene Grigar
Coping with bits: Abby Adams Abby Adams
Welcome to the Antique: Curating Archival Hypertext Over the Long Term Bill Bly
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