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Storyspace 3 Mark Bernstein
The rhetoric of interactive art works Serge Bouchardon
Emulating hypertext: a feminist, postphenomenological perspective Astrid Ensslin
Epidemiology and Spatial Narrative : Scaffolds under the Pandemic - Confinement Spaces and Existential E-Narrative Patrick Lichty
Git as Platform for Electronic Literature Authorware Jeremy Douglass
"To Larp, or Not to Larp?" Must Embodiment and Code Deployment Reinforce Systemic Injustice across Larp Platforms? Samara Hayley Steele
The App is not the Territory: Writing to the edge of Platformism Karen Ann Donnachie, Andy Simionato
Generated Mandelstam Natalia Fedorova, Anna Tolkacheva
Amplified Publishing: Finding Audiences Amy Spencer
(Re)Mediating Alphabetic Language: Alexander Melville Bell’s Visible Speech and the Conception and Use of Humans as Writing Instruments Johannah Rodgers
Engineering Language: Electronic Literature, the “Value” of Words, and the Purposes of the First Year College Writing Course in the U.S. Johannah Rodgers
Before the Byte, There Was the Word: Exploring the Provenance and Import of the "Computer Word" for Humans, for Digital Computers, and for Their Relations Johannah Rodgers
Digital Colonialism: Electronic Literature as Resistance Leonardo L. Flores
Variations in Literature: A Multimodal Analysis of Dissimilar Versions of the Tale “Little Red Riding Hood” Iqra Khurshid, Sarwet Rasul
Indian Electronic Writing: Publics, Platforms and Possibilities Samya Brata Roy
Sounding the futures imaginary: a collaborative intra-modal storying methodology Rachel Horst, Kendrick James, Esteban Morales, Yuya Takeda, Effiam Yung
The Art Object in a Post-Digital World: Some Artistic Tendencies in the Use of Instagram María Goicoechea
Plat(free)forms: accessible tools for new e-lit composers Melinda White
English Versification for the Billion: Translating the Early Latin Poetry Generator "Artificial Versifying" (1677) Kaeden Berg, Henry Koelling, James Ryan
TabLit: Theorizing, Teaching and Preserving a Platform-Specific eLit Jason Boyd
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