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Storyspace 3 works with existing Storyspace files and creates new Storyspace documents in a robust, state-of-the-art XML format. Legacy Storyspace work immediately takes advantage of Storyspace 3’s outstanding new typography.

Storyspace 3 is a tool for writing and reading hypertext narrative, for fictional and nonfictional stories told with links. Long the tool of choice for serious hypertext writers, Storyspace now offers new features, new tools, and unmatched elegance for handling complex stories with ease.

From the earliest experimental hypertexts, writers have learned that simply linking pages together isn’t enough. What works in small web sites leaves readers wandering and adrift in book-length environments. Storyspace solved the problem back in the 1990s with guard fields that activate and disable links as the reader moves through the document.

Storyspace 3 supports classic Storyspace guard fields and extends them with a new, easy-to-learn syntax that adds lots of power and flexibility. You can mix old and new guard fields freely.


EDITOR'S NOTE: This paper is interesting for the technical background it provides on many often-analysed works of electronic literature.

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