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Canonizing Hypertext: Explorations and Constructions Astrid Ensslin
Why don’t we read hypertext novels? Anne Mangen, Adriaan van der Weel
Translating and Visualising Storyspace Classics for the Web. A User-Friendly Framework
NYU Bloomsday Reading at the Media Research Library, NYU
Intertwingling Hazel Smith, Roger Dean
The Egg The Cart The Horse The Chicken Hazel Smith, Roger Dean
Hiperpopeia: hiperpoema contínuo Drump Goo
La palabra en las periferias de la tecnología
We Descend: Archives Pertaining to Egderus Scriptor, Volume Three Bill Bly
Understanding Interactive Fictions as a Continuum: Reciprocity in Experimental Writing, Hypertext Fiction, and Video Games Elizabeth Burgess
Digitizing the Novel, 1987-2010 Bradley Joseph Reina
Digital Storytelling in Spanish: Narrative Techniques and Approaches Julio Alejandro Perez
Mark Bernstein's "Those Trojan Girls": Classical Storyspace Channels a Classic Story Dene Grigar
The Persistence of Genius: The Case for Stuart Moulthrop's "Victory Garden" Dene Grigar
The Real Treasure of Califia in M. D. Coverley’s Novel "Califia" Dene Grigar
The Effect of Migration on Michael Joyce’s "afternoon, a story" Dene Grigar
Introduction to Rebooting Electronic Literature Volume 3 Dene Grigar
Now What: Sharon Daniel and David Clark on the Digital Imaginary Stuart Moulthrop
Readerly Freedom from the Nascent Novel to Digital Fiction: Confronting Fielding's Joseph Andrews and Burne's "24 Hours with Someone You Know" Sandrine Sorlin
Rebooting Electronic Literature: Documenting Pre-Web Born Digital Media Volume 2 Dene Grigar, Nicholas Schiller, Holly Slocum, Moneca Roath, Kathleen Zoller, Mariah Gwin, Andrew Nevue
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