Michael Joyce

Poughkeepsie, NY
United States
United States
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Michael Joyce (born 1945) is a professor of English at Vassar College, NY, USA, and a pioneering author and critic of electronic literature. Joyce's afternoon: a story, 1987, was among the first literary hypertexts.

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Critical writing by this author:

Title Publication Type Publisher Year
L' après-midi d'un phonème, or la faune of après-afternoon Conference paper or presentation 2012
Seeing through the Blue Nowhere: On Narrative Transparency and New Media Article or chapter in a book University of Nebraska Press 2011
Beyond Literary? Conference panel or roundtable 2010
Interview with Michael Joyce Interview Harry Ransom Center 2009
Of Two Minds: Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics Book (monograph) - print University of Michigan Press 2002
Moral Tales and Meditations: Technological Parables and Refractions New York University Press 2001
Othermindedness: the Emergence of Network Culture Book (collection) University of Michigan Press 2000
Present, tense, ordinary, fiction comma dot calm Keynote address 1999
Forms of Future Conference paper or presentation 1997
Nonce Upon Some Times: Rereading Hypertext Fiction Article in a print journal, Article in an online journal MFS Modern Fiction Studies 1997
Hypertextual Rhythms (The Momentary Advantage of Our Awkwardness) Conference paper or presentation 1992
Architectures for Volatile Hypertext Conference paper or presentation 1991
Hypertext, narrative, and consciousness Conference panel or roundtable Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 1989
Siren shapes: exploratory and constructive hypertext Article (other medium) University of Michigan Press 1988
Hypertext and Creative Writing Conference paper or presentation 1987
STORYSPACE: a Tool for Interaction, Report to the Markle Foundation Regarding G85105, Conference paper or presentation, Other 1986

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