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Opening up the Silent World: Narrating Interaction in a Digital Comic Jennifer Dellner
Broken Windows and Slashed Canvases: Digital Comics and Transgressive Horror Mehitabel Glenhaber
Probing the gaps between datasets and interfaces in electronic literature Deanna Radford
PoéticaSonora: Prototyping in Montreal a Digital Audio Repository for Latin American Sound Art and Poetry Aurelio Meza Valdez, David Lum
Literature after the Technological Singularity Nick Montfort
Fight Like a Girl: Digital Storytelling For Self-Motivation Strategies Used By Women Athletes in Muay Thai Natasha Ramoutar
A framework for developing multi-modal media-spaces using AI techniques Mily Mumford, Steve Dipaola
Video Poetry by Mohamed Habibi: Report from Dubai John Barber
Dissecting Characters: A Typology of Chinese Characters in Text-based Playable Media Yue-Jin Ho
Electronic Literature and Getting to the New Josephine Anstey, Roy Roussel
Pleasure and E-Lit: Looking at the Difficult and Unfamiliar in the Undergraduate Classroom Aurelea Mahood
Translating Electronic Literature: A Few Conclusion, Methodologies and Insights María Mencía, John Cayley, Arnaud Regnauld, Søren Bro Pold, Gabriel Tremblay-Gaudette
Tapping the Mind: Memories Beneath Your Fingers Monika Górska Olesińska
Is there a gap in the classroom? Inanimate Alice in Portuguese schools Ana Machado, Ana Sofia Auilar, Alice Atsuko Matsuda
All VR’s a Stage: The Aesthetics of Immersive Mixed Reality Theater Clara Fernández-Vara, David Gochfeld, Ken Perlin
Metainterface Character Søren Bro Pold
Narrating the City in Augmented Aur(e)ality Anna Nacher
Engineering Language: Electronic Literature, the “Value” of Words, and the Teaching of College Writing Johannah Rodgers
Stalking, Shredding, and Streaming: Reading E-Lit Through Artists’ Alternative Web Browsers Colin Post
The Posthuman Poetics of Instagram Poetry Jeneen Naji
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