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<p>A structured or unstructured group discussion.</p>

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A Tour of ELO's The NEXT Kathleen Zoller, Katya Farinsky, Betsy Hanrahan, Sarah West, Mallory Hobson, Preston Reed
E-Literature Bound to Platforms: Exploring Opportunities for Narrative Connection and Disconnection Lai-Tze Fan, Marjorie C. Luesebrink, Christy Sheffield Sanford, Erik Loyer, Caitlin Fisher, Will Luers
Media archeology: a genealogical approach to Peruvian electronic poetry Michael Hurtado, Medina Pamela, Miluska Falero
Platform as a Service: A Roundtable Discussion of Community Labor and Platformization of Twine and Ink Daniel Cox, Kenton Taylor Howard, Chris Klimas
End Matter: Interactive Fiction and a New Linguistic Consciousness Kate Tyrol, Andrew Klobucar, Kirill Azernyi, Rebecca Rouse, Stephanie Jennings
Community Storytelling: Beyond the Table and onto the Digital Green Krista-Lee Malone, Casey James O’ceallaigh, Edword Flabberjackson, Andrew C. Fudge
Community building through the design of co-creative online workshops: emerging collaborative practices and social dynamics. Vinicius Marquet, Carina Erdmann, Steven Malliet
Ocean as Media Platform for Electronic Literature Jessica Pressman, Mark C. Marino, Melody Jue, Diana Leong
Post(?) Pandemic Prose Søren Bro Pold, Scott Rettberg, Anna Nacher
Gender in “Bits”: Critical Thinking and Pattern Recognition in World Electronic Literature Platforms Giovanna Di Rosario, Asun López-Varela Azcárate, Maya Zalbidea Paniagua, Rachid Benharrousse, Nohelia Meza
Netprov in the Classroom: Character Building and Team Building Rob Wittig
Platformization and Decolonial E-Lit. Is There Any Chance? Claudia Kozak, Agustín Berti, Anahí Re, Leonardo Solass
ELO Salons: Beyond 2020 Lyle Skains, Deena Larsen, Johannah Rodgers, Caitlin Fisher, Julianne Chatelain, Kate Brooks
E-Lit and its Myriad of Platforms: A Critical Approach to Language,Culture and Digital Literacy Perla Sassón-Henry, Oreto Domenech, María Ángela Celis Sánchez
Spaces Speak: (RE)VERB an Emerging Space for E-Lit Creations Andrew Demirjian
Utterings: Toward a Supra-Semiotic Telepresent Communication Andanconnerdercu's Utterings, Annie Abrahams, Curt Cloninger, Daniel Pinheiro, Constança Carvalho Homem, Nerina Cocchi, Derek Piotr
Alternative Play? Twine as a Digital Storytelling Platform Lai-Tze Fan, Anastasia Salter, Stuart Moulthrop, Sarah Laiola, Chloe Anna Milligan
“Beyond Range of Air”: The Story Behind the 30-Year Deferred Publication of William H. Dickey’s HyperPoems Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Deena Larsen, Andrew Ferguson, Susan Tracz
Virtualizing Material Games Jack Murray, Nick Lalone, Christopher Maraffi
Virtualizing Material Games Jack Murray, Nick Lalone, Christopher Maraffi
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