Andanconnerdercu's Utterings

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In Utterings, six artists from very different backgrounds gather online and, while blindfolded, engage in a collaborative attempt to go beyond the borders and closures created by languages, opening up and transgressing them in a performance that probes meaning through pre-verbal communication and formerly un-inhabited expressions. Utterings is a networked performance and research group, an online “band” composed of Annie Abrahams (FR), Daniel Pinheiro (PT), Constança Carvalho Homem (PT), Curt Cloninger (US), Nerina Cocchi (BE) and Derek Piotr (US). Since its inception in January 2020 Utterings presented 8 online performances of different durations (20min – 2 hours) in different venues: APO-33, Nantes, FR; the Network Music Festival, UK; STWST48x6 MORE LESS, Linz, AT and on We're All Bats Listening Arts Channel, UK. In 2021 they are invited by We're All Bats to lead three workshops. More on the individual artists here

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Breathing Performance, Presented at conference or festival 2020
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Andanconnerdercu's Utterings
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Daniel Johannes Flaten Rosnes