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Pioneering author of hypertext fiction and poetry who has led numerous writer's workshops at electronic literature related events, organised conferences such as the Cybermountain Colloquium and hosted the Electronic Literature Organization's online chats on electronic literature from 2000-2005.

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Title Publication Type Publisher Year
Salon December 9: celebrating (RE)VERB 2022
ELO Salons: Beyond 2020 Conference panel or roundtable 2021
Salon April 13, 2021: Inclusion Solutions 2021
Salon August 10, 2021: Coding Coding Coding 2021
Salon February 9, 2021: Book Launch Electronic Literature as Digital Humanities 2021
Salon January 12, 2021: New YEAR! NEW PROJECTS! and WRITEPOD! 2021
Salon Nov 9: What will we do for ELO 2022? 2021
WritePods: Write-Reader Interaction to Engage Platforms Opening Destinations Conference panel or roundtable 2021
“Beyond Range of Air”: The Story Behind the 30-Year Deferred Publication of William H. Dickey’s HyperPoems Conference panel or roundtable 2021
Salon 3: April 14, 2020: Collaborative Writing With Spreadsheets Fantasy Lunch 2020
Visualizing la(e)ng(-u-)age Conference paper or presentation 2014
Archiving Workshop Conference paper or presentation 2012
The State of the Archive: Authors, Scholars, and Curators on Archiving Electronic Literature Conference panel or roundtable 2010
See Spot Link. Link, Spot, Link: How to read and appreciate electronic literature (Workshop) Conference paper or presentation 2008
On Hypertext Criticism Article in an online journal Journal of Digital Information (JoDI) 2003
A Quick Buzz around the Universe of Electronic Poetry Article in an online journal Currents in Electronic Literacy 2001
Hyperpoems and Hyperpossibilities Book (M.A. Thesis) 1992
Help Wanted and Skills Offered Conference paper or presentation
Session 4.4 The E-literary Object

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Deena Larsen
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