Cybermountain Colloquium

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28.05.1999 to 02.06.1999
Trygve's House
Lakeside Drive
Denver , CO
United States
Colorado US
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This focused event is designed to push both texts and tools to new levels through collaborative interaction, review/reaction, and usability testing 24/7 (if desired) in a scenic setting. Colloquium findings will be reported online.

Colloquium participants will be limited to the first thity (30) invited participants who can confirm their attendance. We will strive for a balance of hypertext content creators, system developers, and researchers. If you know of others who should be invited, please forward this message to them and advise organizer Deena Larsen.

Others who cannot participate in the colloquim are welcome to participate in a simultaneous face to face/MOO conference.(Source: description from website)

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Gamely Interstitial: Narrative, Excess, and Artifactual Interstanding Stuart Moulthrop narrative, comics, games, meaning, postmodern
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Jill Walker Rettberg
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