Book (M.A. Thesis)

<p>An academic work developed for a Master's level degree.</p>

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The Importance and Function of Media Labs for the Preservation of Works of Digital and Electronic Literature Gökhan Turhan
Oltre il lineare: la letteratura elettronica Caterina Vafiadis
Silicon Poetics: The Computer as Author and Artifice
Fortelling, litteratur og materialitet: En komparativ analyse av tre digitale verk Nina Singdahlsen
The Code Looks Back: Flash Software, Virtual Spectators, and the Interactive Image Megan Sapnar
A Creature Made of Bits: Illusion and Materiality in the Hyperfiction Patchwork Girl by Shelley Jackson Daniela Côrtes Maduro
Ars Combinatoria: En Brukermanual for Raymond Queneaus 'Cent mille milliards de poèmes'  Joachim de Fine
A Interatividade na Poesia Digital Otávio Guimarães Tavares
Lirismo Verbal e Virtual: Travessia de Sentidos Natascha Gomes Paiva
'Le Livre' e o 'Sintext:' A Simulação do Sonho de Mallarmé Através da Poética Digital de Pedro Barbosa Luís Cláudio Fajardo
“Som å lese en film”: Elevers lesing av elektronisk litteratur Pål Fredrik Børresen
Fertile Synthesis: Emotion in Online Digital Poetry
Writing Lives: Technology, Creativity, and Hypertext Fiction Michael Shumate
Hyperizons: A study of interactive reading and readership in hyperfiction theory and practice, with an outlook to hyperfictions' future inspired by the reading of Sophie's World and The Pandora Directive Lisbeth Klastrup
Transdução: Processos de Transferência na Literatura e Arte Digitais Álvaro Seiça
Internet Hyperfiction: Can it ever Become a Widely Popular Artform? Nikolaj Jensen
Chronotope and Cybertexts: Bakhtinian Theory for Tracing Sources of Narrative in Interactive Virtual Environments: From Naked Lunch to Fast City James Barrett
Oltre i confini del libro. La letteratura italiana nell'era digitale Daniele Giampà
Hyperpoems and Hyperpossibilities Deena Larsen
Netzliteratur in der Lehre: Fachliche Kompetenzen vermitteln und erwerben durch kooperatives Blended Learning Patricia Tomaszek
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