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At the ELO Town Hall, which was held on the first day of the 2019 ELO conference in Cork, the artist Annie Abrahams raised the topic of initiating and facilitating a series of virtual meetings for the ELO community to further community discussion, to increase the frequency of community-wide gatherings, to involve members who may not be able to participate in the annual conference in person as a result of economic or other issues, and to address growing environmental concerns about the contribution of long distance travel to global CO2 levels.  Abrahams' suggestion was met with interest by the ELO community though concerns were raised regarding the logistics of scheduling such meetings and the availability of resources for managing and administering such gatherings.  As a follow up to Abrahams' suggestion, Deena Larsen proposed, in August, 2019, that the ELO community engage in something she referred to as "small salons," which she described as a gathering "almost like an extended family, which has a core group of people that participated and could function online.”  She suggested that such a series of salons might foster more in-depth discussion and allow those with access issues a slight taste of the face to face networking and idea exchange possible at the ELO conference.  In November, 2019, Larsen and Rodgers scheduled a call with one another both to follow up on some discussions they had been involved in at the ELO/Cork conference and to revisit the "small salons" proposal from August.  In the course of this and one other conversation in December, 2019, Larsen, Abrahams, and Rodgers laid out a framework for facilitating a virtual meeting of ELO members, the first of which would take place on January 14, the second Tuesday of the month, at 10 pm GMT (5 pm Eastern, 3pm Mountain, 1 pm Pacific, 11pm Paris time) (this time was chosen as one that would allow for the maximal participation from all time zones).  The discussion on January 14 would be dedicated to discussing the purposes of these small salons and to signing up volunteers to facilitate the monthly salons.  Thirteen individuals signed up to participate in the first virtual ELO salon and ten sessions were scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month from February - November, 2020.  

(Source: Salon documentation, written by Johannah Rodgers)

Critical writing presented:

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Salon 6: July, 2020: ELOrlando
Electronic Literature as Digital Humanities: Contexts, Forms, and Practices digital humanities, contexts, critical practices, ontology
ELO Salons: Beyond 2020 Lyle Skains, Deena Larsen, Johannah Rodgers, Caitlin Fisher, Julianne Chatelain, Kate Brooks salons, discussion, community
Salon 10: November 12, 2020: DNA: A Digital Fiction Project, Wikipedia and Constructions of Actual and Satirical Possible and Impossible Worlds Johannah Rodgers wikipedia, worldbuilding, knowledge distribution, database narrative, networked environment, encyclopedia, writing under constraint, satire, annexed world building, subjunctive world building
Salon 12: December 10, 2020: Building an ELO Repository Dene Grigar repository, documentation, digital preservation, public database
Salon 1: A Discussion of a Nika Skandiaka Poem and Reading "Electronically" Kirill Azernyi Russian e-lit, translation, collaborative reading
Salon 2: March 2, 2020: A “reariting” centered on “Extra-terrestrial Rhetoric”, a multimedia text by Lily Robert-Foley. Annie Abrahams Outranspo, reariting, Reading and Writing, collaborative writing, collaborative reading, translation
Salon 3: April 14, 2020: Collaborative Writing With Spreadsheets Fantasy Lunch Deena Larsen collaborative writing, multilayered narrative
Salon 4: May 12, 2020: Re-Weaving Digital Textualities with Amira Hanafi’s “A Dictionary of the Revolution" Reham Hosny arabic electronic literature, Egyptian revolution, database narrative
Salon 5: June 12, 2020: E-Lit In the Wild Lyle Skains digital narrative, e-lit in the wild, digital art, definition of e-lit, finding e-lit, linguistic arts
Salon 7, August 11, 2020: The Work and Work(s) of Alan Sondheim Alan Sondheim codework, embodiment, semantic ghosting, tools, meta-methods, artist talk
Salon 8: September 8, 2020: Bill Bly's We Descend Bill Bly early electronic literature
Salon 9: October 13, 2020: Accessible Bits Hannah Ackermans accessibility,  disability, digital accessibility, defamiliarization, writing under constraint,  universal design, creativity
Salon April 13, 2021: Inclusion Solutions Deena Larsen, Samya Brata Roy, María Mencía, Lai-Tze Fan diversity, equity, inclusion, DEI, accessibility
Salon August 10, 2021: Coding Coding Coding Deena Larsen software, design, collaboration
Salon December 9: celebrating (RE)VERB Deena Larsen sonic aesthetic, Audio art, audio experience, Augmented Reallity, zine
Salon February 8, 2022: Elit can save the world! Maybe? Lyle Skains elit for kids, educational game, science fiction, climate crisis, cli-fi, social change, readership
Salon February 9, 2021: Book Launch Electronic Literature as Digital Humanities Deena Larsen, Dene Grigar electronic literature, digital humanities
Salon Jan 11, 2022: Figurski on the Radio! John F. Barber radio, radio drama, sound, hypertext, digital obsolescence, soundscape, audio
Salon January 12, 2021: New YEAR! NEW PROJECTS! and WRITEPOD! Deena Larsen
Salon July 13 2021: Structuring Metadata for Born-Digital Literature for The NEXT: What Artists, Editors, Scholars, and Collectors Need to Know Dene Grigar, Richard D. Snyder metadata
Salon June 8 2021: Playable Comms Lyle Skains interactive digital narrative, science, science communication, health, health communication, reading
Salon March 9, 2021: African Electronic Literature Yohanna Joseph Waliya African electronic literature, video games, twitterature, interactive poetry, hypertext fiction
Salon Nov 9: What will we do for ELO 2022? Deena Larsen ELO, academic conferences, education, digital literacy
Salon September 14, 2021: Making Digital Glamour: Queer Femme Internet Aesthetics Katie Schaag queer, femme, femininity, net art, internet aesthetics, web 1.0, gender, sexuality, design, usability, glitter gif, gif
Salon: October 12, 2021: Share to Heal Workshop María Mencía personal, social story, collective story, exchange, community building
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