Salon 8: September 8, 2020: Bill Bly's We Descend

Critical Writing
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E-lit is amazingly interdisciplinary. Every one of us is a citizen of & a practitioner in multiple overlapping worlds of literature, technology, art, theory, history, and not to mention archiving. Join Bill Bly and the rest of the salon in yet another intellectual discourse to explore a life long work and passion with We Descend.  The one thing exploring We Descend requires of its dearReader is *study*: careful reading and re-reading, pondering, patience while the overall story takes shape in the mind, and perseverance, because no single pass through the writings will tell the whole story. Claro, this isn't everybody's idea of a fun thing to do, but We Descend is addressed to those for whom it is. Bill will tell the story from  scribbling with a fountain pen on notebook paper jammed in a clipboard to its lyrical presence now at

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Hannah Ackermans