Salon: October 12, 2021: Share to Heal Workshop

Critical Writing
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Aims of this workshop  

·  To share a personal, social or collective story which has impacted us.  

·  To exchange stories, which will be randomly assigned to each participant, with the aim of healing the issues, as set out in the story, and take them as inspiration to develop creative proposals. 

·  Community building through meaningful conversations


The platform helps to gather, distribute the stories amongst the participants by shuffling them. Each participant is allocated a story from another participant and they are given some time to read the story and come up with a creative proposal, inspired by the issues in question originated from the text, to create a generative poem, create a podcast, an audio piece, a blog, an interactive co-creative piece… you can be as creative and imaginative as you want in creating a proposal!


We hope the healing aspect takes place through the engagement of that particular community in discussions which occur when we all read the stories and the ‘solution’ proposals to heal that story.  


Finally, you will also see all the stories and proposals in an archive. Link given at the end of the workshop.


Preparation for the workshop


1-Bring a story in English about an issue you care about, you are concerned about, angry about, a topic you think needs changing. This story can either be written by yourselves or taken from any platform, twitter, newspaper, book…  Text needs to be digitally available in a word processor that can be copy-pasted at the beginning of the workshop.


2-The story should be no more than 250 words or 1500 characters. 


3-Bring 5 KEYWORDS in connection to the story.


4-Go to our regular zoom meeting, and from there we will go to the story platform.


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Hannah Ackermans