Salon July 13 2021: Structuring Metadata for Born-Digital Literature for The NEXT: What Artists, Editors, Scholars, and Collectors Need to Know

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This presentation details how to structure metadata about born-digital literature for collections in The NEXT. It introduces the extended metadata schema the Electronic Literature Lab (ELL) utilizes for The NEXT, showing both how information displays on the front end of the spaces, as well as organized on the back end for the database.

Leading the discussion is Dene Grigar, Director of ELL and the Managing Director and Curator of The NEXT, and Richard Snyder, Assistant Director of ELL and the Metadata Specialist for The NEXT.

If you currently have works held in The NEXT or are thinking of donating them in the future, this presentation will shed light on the process undertaken to ensure works are accessible and provide precise information about them. Participants will leave the presentation with a copy of both the schema ELL is using and an metadata spreadsheet template for their own use.

8:00-8:10        Introductions—Dene

8:10-8:30        Metadata on the Front End—Dene

8:30-8:50        Metadata on the Back End—Richard

8:50-9:00        Q&A  


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