Johannah Rodgers

Brooklyn , NY
United States
New York US
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Johannah Rodgers is a writer, artist, and educator whose work engages creatively and critically with print and digital technologies of inscription and reproduction. She is the author of Technology: A Reader for Writers  (Oxford University Press, 2014), and the digital fiction project DNA (mimeograph/The Brooklyn Rail). Her projects, essays, fictions, and book reviews have been published in Nat.BrutFenceBookforum, and The Brooklyn Rail. Her multimedia projects include “At, Or To Take Regret: Some Reflections on Grammars,”  What My Computer “Sees”, and the Excel Drawing Series

Critical writing by this author:

Title Publication Type Publisher Year
ELO Salons: Beyond 2020 Conference panel or roundtable 2021
Before the Byte, There Was the Word: Exploring the Provenance and Import of the "Computer Word" for Humans, for Digital Computers, and for Their Relations Conference paper or presentation 2020
Salon 10: November 12, 2020: DNA: A Digital Fiction Project, Wikipedia and Constructions of Actual and Satirical Possible and Impossible Worlds 2020
(Re)Mediating Alphabetic Language: Alexander Melville Bell’s Visible Speech and the Conception and Use of Humans as Writing Instruments Conference paper or presentation 2019
Engineering Language: Electronic Literature, the “Value” of Words, and the Purposes of the First Year College Writing Course in the U.S. Conference paper or presentation 2018
Academia.“edu” Article in an online journal Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2017
Letter From Porto ELO Conference July, 2017 Event review or trip report 2017
CELL ROUNDTABLE - The Consortium for Electronic Literature Conference panel or roundtable 2015
If the Message Is the Medium, Then There Is No End: Understanding and Defining Materiality in Representational and Communicative Practices Across Media Conference panel or roundtable 2015
Beyond Binaries: Continuity and Change in Literary Experimentation in Response to Print and Digital Technologies. Conference paper or presentation 2013
Engineering Language: Electronic Literature, the “Value” of Words, and the Teaching of College Writing Conference panel or roundtable
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