Fun da mentals: Rhetorical Devices for Electronic Literature

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A collection of ten modules that can be used alone or together to create a whole course, Elit 101, as Larsen sometimes refers to it. Each module centers on a rhetorical device used in hypertext fiction, such as the ways links convey meaning, the ways images and sounds are used, the meaning of spatial layout, the use of fonts to create a mood, and so on. There are many practical writing assignments or "paper experiments" for each rhetorical device covered, and most of these can be done without computers, using materials such as posterboard, decks of cards, paper, cardboard, glue and tape, images and sounds. A year of publication is not given.

Deena Larsen has written many works of hypertext fiction and poetry, and has also led many hypertext writing workshops at conferences and other gatherings.

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Jill Walker Rettberg