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Editorial: the datafication of education Juliana Jarke, Andreas Breiter
Introduction: Critical studies of digital education platforms Mathias Decuypere, Emiliano Grimaldi, Paolo Landri
The Challenge of 21st-Century Literacies Cathy Burnett, Guy Merchant
Giving Teaching Back to Education: Responding to the Disappearance of the Teacher Gert J.J. Biesta
The text and cultural politics Michael W. Apple
Netprov in the Classroom: Character Building and Team Building Rob Wittig
Creating Story Instruments with Stepworks 2
The Paradox of Electronic Literature in the Classroom: The Challenges for New Literacy Practices within the Platformized School Michael Schlauch
Fractured Fairy Tale Project Mark Sample
Electronic Literature Support Group (netprov) Hannah Ackermans
The Machine Learning Breakfast Club (netprov) Mark C. Marino, Rob Wittig
Hybrid Praxis and Collaborative Culture in an E-Lit Classroom Rebekah Edwards
Dan spletnega anketiranja (DSA)
Stupid Robot Mary Flanagan
Incremental Storytelling and Calypsis: A Hypertext Fiction a Critical Introduction William Trent Hergenrader
Teaching Digital Literature within a “Research and Teaching Partnership” in a Transatlantic Blended Learning Environment (ELMCIP Anthology) Patricia Tomaszek
HyperRhetoriods: An Undergraduate Course in Hyperfiction jj runnion
Games/gaming/simulation in a new media (literature) classroom Scott Rettberg
Hypertext and Cognition Jean-François Rouet
Digital Literary Arts, Pedagogy and the Issue of Disciplinarity Maria Engberg
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