The Machine Learning Breakfast Club (netprov)

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Machine Learning Breakfast Club

Summer School for Troubled Algorithms

A Netprov (Aug 5-12, 2019)

The Premise:

When machine-learning AI are not performing up to expectations, there’s only one remedy: summer school! In this netprov, you will ask for help and offer solutions in the virtual teachers’ lounge for a motley crew of teachers in a summer school for recalcitrant underperforming artificial intelligence.

A netprov in 3 turns.

Netprov is online collaborative narrative or the voluntary healing of necessary relationships.

MLBC was a week long netprov running (roughly) Aug 5-12 on a Google Group, which had its trial run in the 2019 DHSI taught by Astrid Ensslin and Davin Heckman.!forum/machine-learning-breakfast-club-netprov 

This was a lite summer netprov that you could play in about three turns. 

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The contributors listed on this records as the people who participated in playing this netprov

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