E-Lit and its Myriad of Platforms: A Critical Approach to Language,Culture and Digital Literacy

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E-Lit is yet to be discovered by many scholars, educators and students at different levels of education but the impact it has had on the teaching and learning of those who have already come across this field is worth sharing in order to broaden not only the recognition of the field but the impact it might have in the teaching and learning of modern languages in our fast-evolving technological societies. In light of the benefits that a critical study of e-lit works presents, this panel addresses three scenarios where the teaching and learning of e-lit has proven a challenging yet productive path to broaden educators and students’ horizons alike. Whereas one presentation seeks to reflect on the training of educators at the elementary and high school level in literary and digital literacy, the other two presentations discuss scenarios where the teaching of e-lit in higher education has demonstrated how e-lit with its richness opens the way for interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, approaches that emphasize the digital and the literary (Saum- Pascual, 2017).How do educators and students take advantage of the affordances of the different platforms either to teach or analyze e-lit? What does a critical interdisciplinary analysis of e-it works bring to a modern language course?

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Milosz Waskiewicz