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Salon Nov 9: What will we do for ELO 2022? Deena Larsen
Exhibiting, Disseminating, Teaching: Digital Literature in Danish Public Libraries Malthe Stavning Erslev
The Challenge of 21st-Century Literacies Cathy Burnett, Guy Merchant
E-Lit and its Myriad of Platforms: A Critical Approach to Language,Culture and Digital Literacy Perla Sassón-Henry, Oreto Domenech, María Ángela Celis Sánchez
Lab-yrinthe: an online laboratory to observe children’s e-lit and support digital literacy Eleonora Acerra, Nathalie Lacelle
Splatter Semiotics / Semiotics of Splatter Alan Sondheim
Poetic Machines, Absent Authors and the Meaning of it All Sidse Rubens le Fevre
A Handmade Web J. R. Carpenter
Paratext in Digital Culture: 
Is Paratext Becoming the Story? Pasts, Presents and Futures of Paratext in Digital Culture
Literatura digital en español Dolores Romero López
The Idiocy of the Digital Literary (and what does it have to do with digital humanities)? Sandy Baldwin
Litteraturen i en multimediatid, med eksempler fra nordisk elektronisk litteratur Patricia Tomaszek
Reading Hypertext and the Experience of Literature David S. Miall, Teresa Dobson
"Terminal Hopscotch": Navigating Networked Space in Talan Memmott's Lexia to Perplexia Lisa Swanstrom
Between Page and Screen: Remaking Literature Through Cinema and Cyberspace
Is e-literature just one big anti-climax? Andrew Gallix
Hypertext: The Electronic Labyrinth Ilana Snyder
Transcriptions: A Digital Humanities Project on the Cultures of Information Alan Liu, Rita Raley
What is and Toward What End Do We Read Digital Literature? Roberto Simanowski
Bridging Intertextuality and Intermediality from a Cultural and Literary Perspective Asunción López-Varela Azcárate
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