Perla Sassón-Henry

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Perla Sassón-Henry is Associate Professor at the United States Naval Academy, where she teaches Spanish language, literature and culture. She holds a doctorate in Humanistic Studies from the State University of New York at Albany. Her research interests include the works of Jorge Luis Borges and Latin American digital literature from the perspective of comparative studies, science, electronic literature, video games and net-art. She is the author of Borges 2.0: From Text to Virtual Worlds (Peter Lang, 2007) which was featured in the New York Times in January 2008. Her essays have been published in the refereed journals Comparative Literature and Culture, Latin American Essays, The Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature and in a volume entitled Literatures in the Digital Era: Theory and Praxis (Cambridge Scholar Press, 2007). She is an advisory board member and an associate editor of the journal CLC Web: Comparative Literature and Culture(Source: Author).

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Perla Sassón-Henry
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