Paratext in Digital Culture: 
Is Paratext Becoming the Story? Pasts, Presents and Futures of Paratext in Digital Culture

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28.08.2014 to 29.08.2014
University of Bergen, Humanities Faculty 5020 Bergen
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In December 2012, a one-day workshop "Exploring Paratexts in Digital Contexts" was organized at the University of Bergen by the Digital Culture Research Group. The point of departure of this first workshop was paratextual theory as it was first articulated by Gérard Genette in 1987 (Seuils / English translation Paratexts. Thresholds of Interpretation 1997). This event was followed by the book Examining Paratextual Theory and its Applications in Digital Culture edited by Nadine Desrochers and Daniel Apollon (IGI Global, forthcoming Summer 2014). These two initiatives have revealed a strong interest in the academic community for appraising the potential and limits of paratextual theory in digital culture.

The Digital Culture and Electronic Literature Research Groups at UiB organizes this follow-up workshop Paratext in Digital Culture: Is Paratext Becoming the Story? to share ongoing research on paratextual devices, functions and strategies in digital culture and brainstorm about new research opportunities. The participants will explore further how paratext and related concepts may contribute to a better understanding of the nature and function of digital objects.

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Book presentation: Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: How We Use Selfies, Blogs and Wearable Devices to See and Shape Ourselves Jill Walker Rettberg self-representation, digital self-portrait, notions of the digital self, selfie, life-logging, dataism, self-tracking, quantitative self
Digital Paratext: Steps Towards New Technologies of the Intellect Daniel Apollon paratext theory, digital paratext, e-paratext, deixis
In the Absence of the Publisher's Peritext Patricia Tomaszek peritext, publishing, self-publishing, electronic literature
Mashup as paratextual practice: beyond digital objects (in the age of networked media) Anna Nacher paratext, mashup, google maps, non-representational theory
Paratext in Wittgenstein's Writings Alois Pichler wittgenstein archives, paratextual theory
Reading an Ontology as Paratext Amélie Zöllner-Weber paratext theory, ontology, reader image, reader generated paratext, web application, literary characters, web ontology language
Reading between the lines: How paratexts shape readers’ interaction with a transmedia narrative Amy Nottingham-Martin paratextual theory, transmedia narrative
Taroko Gorge: A Theory of Networked Paratext Kathi Inman Berens paratext theory, code poetry, overwriting, coterie, palimpsest, process
Thinking Paratextually: Making Meaning from Paradigm Shifts in the Age of Digital Culture Nadine Desrochers paratextual theory, paratext, cultural production, writers, readers’ advisory, virtual cataloguing, acknowledgments, scholarly communication, digital culture, interdisciplinarity
Video Game Framings Annika Rockenberger paratext theory, video games, bioshock
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