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Virtualizing Material Games Jack Murray, Nick Lalone, Christopher Maraffi
Multimodal Editing and Archival Performance: A Diagrammatic Essay on Transcoding Experimental Literature Manuel Portela
Crónica de Viaje Jorge Carrion
Canon Goes Mobile: Ludosemiotics of Remediation Agnieszka Przybyszewska
Reading, Seeing, and Sensing: The Internet of Things Makes Literature Elizabeth Losh
Can We Define Electronic Literature Such as Authoring Tool Literature? Odile Farge
Remediating a Hyperfiction in ePub3: When Digital Literature Meets Publishing Models - The Case of Children’s Literature with The Tower of Jezik Nolwenn Trehondart, Émilie Barbier
Beyond the Screens: Transmediality in E-literature Domingo Sánchez-Mesa, Rui Torres, Nieves Rosendo Sánchez
Vniverse iPad App [iOS adaptation] Stephanie Strickland
Whisper Wire: Code as a Medium for Sending and Receiving Un-Homed Messages Through Haunted Media J. R. Carpenter
Paratext in Digital Culture: 
Is Paratext Becoming the Story? Pasts, Presents and Futures of Paratext in Digital Culture
Bookish Electronic Literature: Remediating the Paper Arts through a Feminist Perspective Jessica Pressman
Between Floors: The Ups and Downs of Mediated Narrative Melinda White
Affordances of an App - A reading of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore Ture Schwebs
Lyric Economy Aristarkh Chernyshev
New Textualities Manuel Portela
A Humument app by Tom Phillips as a work of liberature: between text and embodiment Anna Nacher
Translating afternoon, a story by Michael Joyce, or How to Inhabit a Spectral Body Arnaud Regnauld, Anne-Laure Tissut, Stéphane Vanderhaeghe
Exopoiesis and literariness in the works of William Gibson, Mark Z. Danielewski, Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph Ugo Panzani
Tierra de Extracción: How Hypermedia Novels could enhance Literary Assessment Bryan Barrachina
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