Arnaud Regnauld

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Title Publication Type Publisher Year
Translating Electronic Literature: A Few Conclusion, Methodologies and Insights Conference panel or roundtable 2018
Translating afternoon, a story by Michael Joyce, or How to Inhabit a Spectral Body Conference paper or presentation 2013
Between the Visceral and the Virtual: Navigating the Embedded Surfaces of Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl Article or chapter in a book Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2012
Chasing Ghosts: Experiencing the Visual Tactility of Michael Joyce’s Electronic Hyperfictions, afternoon, a story (1987) and Twelve Blue (1996) Conference paper or presentation 2012
Memory at work in Michael Joyce's afternoon, a story, Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl, and Mark Amerika's Grammatron Conference paper or presentation 2011
Pornosophic Philosophiction Coming Your Way’: interfacing with Mark Amerika’s GRAMMATRON Article in a print journal Institut d’études anglophones de l’Université Paris-Diderot 2011
Interrupting D : Patchwork Girl’s Syncopated Body Article in a print journal Revue française d’études américaines 2010
Machinic minds and posthuman bodies: the complexities of intimacy in three electronic works by Shelley Jackson Article in a print journal Études anglaises: revue du monde anglophone 2010
Machinic Minds and Posthuman Bodies: the Complexities of Intimacy in Three Electronic Works by Shelley Jackson, Patchwork Girl, My Body & A Wunderkammer, and The Doll Games Article in a print journal Klincksieck 2010
Shelley Jackson : femme-machine. L’imaginaire cyborg de Patchwork Girl (1995) et My Body & A Wunderkammer (1997) Article in an online journal 2010
‘Inept at reading : relationship’ - La relation hypertextuelle en question dans les Diagram Poems Series #3 de Jim Rosenberg Article or chapter in a book Michel Houdiard 2008
Jim Rosenberg’s Diagram Poems Series #3: A Few Preliminary Notes on Translation Issues Article in an online journal 2007
E-Loops: Reshuffling Reading & Writing In Electronic Literature Works Conference paper or presentation
Special Issue on Electronic Literature
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Arnaud Regnauld
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