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Electronic Literature as Paratextual Construction Friedrich W. Block
Electronic Literature as Paratextual Construction Friedrich W. Block
Publishing without a Publisher's Peritext: Electronic Literature, the Web, and Paratextual Integrity Patricia Tomaszek
Mashup as paratextual practice: beyond digital objects (in the age of networked media) Anna Nacher
Thinking Paratextually: Making Meaning from Paradigm Shifts in the Age of Digital Culture Nadine Desrochers
Paratext in Digital Culture: 
Is Paratext Becoming the Story? Pasts, Presents and Futures of Paratext in Digital Culture
Thresholds of the Edge: Rethinking the Concepts of Books and Access in the Age of the Digital Paratext Nadine Desrochers, Patricia Tomaszek
Approche du rôle de la mémoire dans la conception et la réception de quelques oeuvres en littérature numérique Philippe Bootz
Reader/Readers Philippe Bootz
Locating Literary Heritage in Paratexts: An Analysis of Peritexts in Electronic Literature Patricia Tomaszek
Digitalisering och poetisk form Jonas Ingvarsson, Cecelia Lindhé
Reading at the Thresholds of Book Covers and Opening Screens Patricia Tomaszek
Towards the Recognition of the Shell as an Integral Part of the Digital Text Anja Rau
Explication de texte Boris du Boulay
Reading at the Thresholds to Electronic Literature: A Paratextual Study Patricia Tomaszek
Бледное пламя (Pale Fire) Vladimir Nabokov
Pale Fire A Poem in four Cantos by John Shade Vladimir Nabokov
Pale Fire Vladimir Nabokov
Opuscula Elin Sjursen
Paratexts: Thresholds of Interpretation Gérard Genette
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