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A Toast to the Flash Generation
中国网络文学二十年 (Twenty Years of Chinese Network Literature 1998-2018) Ouyang Youquan
Electronic Literature in China Jinghua Guo
Post-Digital: Dialogues and Debates from the Electronic Book Review Book Launch
Digital Storytelling in Spanish: Narrative Techniques and Approaches Julio Alejandro Perez
Towards a digital poetics James O’Sullivan
Changeful Tales: Design-Driven Approaches Toward More Expressive Storygames Aaron A. Reed
"Literature," Progress, and Monsters: What is Electronic Literature? Mary L. Godwin
Experimental Poetics of the Asian Diaspora: Readings in Meatspace and Cyberspace Sunny S.Y. Chan
Digital Literary Arts - Scandinavian E-Texts: Criticism, Theory, and Practice Melissa Lucas
Electronic Literature [Frame]works for the Creative Digital Humanities
Mexicans in Canada Amira Hanafi
Mark Bernstein's "Those Trojan Girls": Classical Storyspace Channels a Classic Story Dene Grigar
Megan Heyward's "of day, of night": A Story of Wanderings Dene Grigar
The Persistence of Genius: The Case for Stuart Moulthrop's "Victory Garden" Dene Grigar
The Real Treasure of Califia in M. D. Coverley’s Novel "Califia" Dene Grigar
The Effect of Migration on Michael Joyce’s "afternoon, a story" Dene Grigar
Introduction to Rebooting Electronic Literature Volume 3 Dene Grigar
Electronic Literature Support Group (netprov) Hannah Ackermans
Digital Genres: Digital Art, Electronic Literature, and Computer Games (DIKULT 103, Spring 2020) Daniel Jung, Hannah Ackermans, Nick Montfort
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