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Postmodern Sublime: Technology and American Writing from Mailer to Cyberpunk Joseph Tabbi
The Distinctive Quality of Holeton's Hypertext Novel Michael Tratner
Someone, Somewhere, with Something: The Origins of Figurski Richard Holeton
Tenure Track: A Critical Simulation Game Devin Shepherd, Bradley Shepherd, Will McEnery
Platformization and Decolonial E-Lit. Is There Any Chance? Claudia Kozak, Agustín Berti, Anahí Re, Leonardo Solass
Salon February 9, 2021: Book Launch Electronic Literature as Digital Humanities Deena Larsen, Dene Grigar
Variations in Literature: A Multimodal Analysis of Dissimilar Versions of the Tale “Little Red Riding Hood” Iqra Khurshid, Sarwet Rasul
Indian Electronic Writing: Publics, Platforms and Possibilities Samya Brata Roy
Language |H|as a Virus: from figure of thought to experimental laboratory Diogo Marques, Ana Gago
"Swipe Night is Fun, but Useless” An Analysis of Tinder’s Swipe Night, an Interactive Foray in Online Dating Lauren Rouse, Rachel Nicole Winter
On Reading and Being Read in the Pandemic: Software, Interface, and The Endless Doomscroller Ben Grosser
The Fugue * book: when platforms don’t let us escape literature Oreto Domenech, Anton Ferret Baig
Lyric Recollection and the Preservation of Ephemeral and Social Elit Timothy Wilcox
Lab-yrinthe: an online laboratory to observe children’s e-lit and support digital literacy Eleonora Acerra, Nathalie Lacelle
Executable Landscapes: Speculative Platforms for Ecological E-Literature Richard A. Carter
Comparing methods of generating 3.5 inch floppy disk forensic images Nicholas Schiller
An Institutional Approach to Building a Platform of Digital Literary Works: The Case(s) of Dutch and Flemish Digital Literature Siebe Bluijs
The Paradox of Electronic Literature in the Classroom: The Challenges for New Literacy Practices within the Platformized School Michael Schlauch
Voidopolis Kat Mustatea
Not a Book: Locating Material Traces of Collaborative Print and Digital Technologies in the Archive Johannah Rodgers
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