Claudia Kozak

Critical writing by this author:

Title Publication Type Publisher Year
Experimental Electronic Literature from the Souths. A Political Contribution to Critical and Creative Digital Humanities. Article in an online journal Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2021
Platformization and Decolonial E-Lit. Is There Any Chance? Conference panel or roundtable 2021
(Latin American) E-Lit and its Experimental Nature. After the Great Divide? Conference paper or presentation 2018
Comunidades experimentales y literatura digital en Latinoamérica Article in an online journal Virtualis. Revista de cultura digital 2018
Literatura digital e memória no contexto tecnopoético latino-americano Editora da Universidade Estadual de Minas Gerais 2018
Out of Bounds: Searching Deviated Literature in Audiovisual Electronic Environments Conference paper or presentation Nouspace Publications 2018
¿Nueva, novísima o novedosa? De la novísima poesía según Edgardo Antonio Vigo a la poesía experimental digital Article in an online journal El hilo de la fábula 2018
Latin American Electronic Literature: When, Where and Why Article or chapter in a book West Virginia University 2017
Latin American Electronic Literature and Its Own Ends Conference panel or roundtable 2015
Poésie numérique et politiques d'événement Article or chapter in a book Presses Universitaires de Perpignan 2012
Tecnopoeticas argentinas. Archivo blando de arte y tecnología Book (monograph) - print Caja Negra Editora 2012
Translanguages. Towards a Politics of Electronic Poetry in Latin America Conference paper or presentation 2012
Experimental Poetry and Technology in Argentina: History, Critique, Politics Conference paper or presentation 2011
Technopoetry in Argentina: Routes and Detours Conference paper or presentation 2011
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Claudia Kozak
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