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From Text Linguistics to New Media Studies: Mapping Rotimi Taiwo’s Research Hits Adeyemi Adegoju
Mundane Discourses of News Production in an American College Wincharles Coker
The Generic Structure Potential in The Punch Editorials on Boko Haram Insurgency Lekan Atoloye, Ayo Osisanwo
A Characterizing Conflict and its Resolution:Naming and Transitivity in News Reports on the Agatu-Fulani Crisis Funmi O. Olubode-Saw
A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Some Newspaper Political Campaign Advertisements for Nigeria’s 2015 Elections Mohammed Ademilokun
Framing an Ideal Candidate: The Social Dynamics of Some 2011 Campaign Posters in Nigeria Oluwabunmi O. Oyebode
Critical Discourse Analysis and Corpus Linguistics: A Diachronic Study of News Reporting Using Three Nigerian Newspapers Toyese Najeem Dahunsi
New Horizons in Language and New Media Studies in Nigeria Kehinde A. Ayoola
Critical Discourse Analysis and New Media Research in Nigeria Innocent Chiluwa
Contemporary Perspectives on Rhetoric Sonja K. Foss, Karen A. Foss, Robert Trapp
Multimodality and Narrative Themes in Digital Literature: A Social Semiotic Multimodal Analysis of Megan Heyward’s of day, of night Bimbola Oluwafunlola Idowu-Faith
Composing Cyberspace: Identity, Community, and Knowledge in the Electronic Age Richard Holeton
Postdigital Storytelling: Poetics, Praxis, Research Spencer Jordan
Marginal Forces/Cultural Centers: Tolson, Pynchon, and the Politics of the Canon Michael Bérubé
The Cambridge Introduction to Postmodernism Brian McHale
Digimodernism: How New Technologies Dismantle the Postmodern and Reconfigure Our Culture Alan Kirby
Plain Text. The Poetics of Computation Dennis Tenen
What was Postmodernism John Frow
Process and Reality : an essay in cosmology Alfred North Whitehead
Knowing and Value: Toward a Constructive Postmodern Epistemology Frederick Ferré
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