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Introduction David Ciccoricco
Thinking Through the Digital
La littérature numérique francophone : enjeux théoriques et pratiques pour l’identification d’un corpus Marcello Vitali-Rosati
Attention à la marche! Mind the Gap!
Academy as Network Greg Niemeyer
Labs for the Digital Humanities Piotr Marecki
#ELRPROMO: “Other Codes / Cóid Eile: Digital Literature in Context” Anne Sofia Karhio
Turn on Literature Exhibition
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, Fall 2017) Álvaro Seiça
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, Autumn 2016) Álvaro Seiça, Scott Rettberg
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, Spring 2015) Álvaro Seiça, Scott Rettberg
Thinking Paratextually: Making Meaning from Paradigm Shifts in the Age of Digital Culture Nadine Desrochers
Paratext in Digital Culture: 
Is Paratext Becoming the Story? Pasts, Presents and Futures of Paratext in Digital Culture
Un cuarto propio conectado. (Ciber)espacio y (auto)estión del yo Remedios Zafra
A Connected Room of One's Own. (Cyber)space and (self) management of the self Remedios Zafra
Seminario Internacional Transmedia Storytelling: Intermediality & Adaptation in Digital Culture
Inkubus Andy Campbell, Christine Wilks
What I See and What You Read: A Narrative of Interdisciplinary Research on a Common Digital Object Nadine Desrochers, Patricia Tomaszek
After the Digital Divide? German Aesthetic Theory in the Age of New Media
Traduire et préserver des œuvres numériques : Les projets du Laboratoire NT2 : La revue bleuOrange et L’Abécédaire du Web Alice Van der Klei, Sophie Marcotte, JoAnne Lalonde, Geneviève Has, Ariane Savoie
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