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Inkubus Andy Campbell, Christine Wilks
What I See and What You Read: A Narrative of Interdisciplinary Research on a Common Digital Object Nadine Desrochers, Patricia Tomaszek
After the Digital Divide? German Aesthetic Theory in the Age of New Media
A Hacker Manifesto McKenzie Wark
Traduire et préserver des œuvres numériques : Les projets du Laboratoire NT2 : La revue bleuOrange et L’Abécédaire du Web Alice Van der Klei, Sophie Marcotte, JoAnne Lalonde, Geneviève Has, Ariane Savoie
Digital Humanities in Practice: Project Work on Developing a Scholarly Database of Electronic Literature (DIKULT 207, Autumn 2013) Elisabeth Nesheim, Scott Rettberg
Aufschreibesysteme 1800, 1900 Friedrich Kittler
The State of the Archive: Authors, Scholars, and Curators on Archiving Electronic Literature Jessica Pressman, Will Hansen, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Deena Larsen, Marjorie C. Luesebrink, Stephanie Strickland
Bitwise: The Logic of the Digital Aden Evens
Field Notes From The Secret War Between Value and Meaning in Digital Culture Francisco J. Ricardo
Think different: Estilos de vida digitais e a cibercultura como expressão cultural Erick Felinto
A Cibercultura em Transformação: Poder, Liberdade e Sociabilidade (ABCiber Vol.2)
The Challenge of Cybertext: Teaching Literature in the Digital World Raine Koskimaa
Literature: Lift this End Stuart Moulthrop
Narrative (Pre)Occupations: Self-Surveillance, Participation, and Public Space Carolyn Guertin
Grasping at Loose Bindings: Thoughts on Language, Literature, Communication in a Time of Change Davin Heckman
Our Ailing Educational Institutions Bernard Stiegler
Rezension: Digitale Medien in der Erlebnisgesellschaft. Kunst, Kultur, Utopien Patricia Tomaszek
Digitale Medien in der Erlebnisgesellschaft. Kunst, Kultur, Utopien Roberto Simanowski
Local Transcendence: Essays on Postmodern Historicism and the Database Alan Liu
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