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A loosely organised electronic writers' collective described as "almost entirely mythical" by Stuart Moulthrop, founded in 1988 when Nancy Kaplan invited Michael Joyce, Stuart Moulthop and John McDaid to spend a few days at her house. 

The acronym stands for various combinations of words, including "Textuality, Intertextuality, Narrative, and Consciousness," "This is not a conference," and "This is not a Cabal." There was a manifesto which was privately circulated rather than published, and never entirely completed. Little remains online other than brief quotations from this lost manifesto, such as "Three links per node or it's not a hypertext" (quoted on several occasions by Mark Bernstein).

In an interview with Judy Malloy, Stuart Moulthrop explained that TINAC only really lasted for a couple of years: "there was really not much 'there' to TINAC, except as a point of circulation and convergence through which some interesting projects happened to pass -- Michael's afternoon, Nancy's annotation software P.R.O.S.E., John's Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse, Jay Bolter's Writing Space, Jane Yellowlees Douglas' End of Books, or Books without End, and my own early tinkerings."

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John McDaid
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Michael Joyce
Poughkeepsie, NY
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Nancy Kaplan
Baltimore , MD
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Maryland US
Stuart Moulthrop
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