Hypertextual Rhythms (The Momentary Advantage of Our Awkwardness)

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Michael Joyce's paper, "Hypertextual Rhythms (The Momentary Advantage of Our Awkwardness)," addresses the historical moment of recent hypertext fiction. He will suggest that the common perception of hypertext as an awkward and opaque mode of discourse may actually make it easier to grasp its historical significance. Before the novelty of the electronic medium fades, and electronic text assumes the transparency that printed text now has, we may better understand it as a distinct representational form.

Joyce presented this paper as part of a special session, "Hypertext, Hypermedia: Defining a Fictional Form," at the 1992 MLA Convention. The panel was chaired by Terence Harpold. Other panelists included pioneering hypertext authors: Carolyn Guyer, Judy Malloy, and Stuart Moultrhop.

(Source: Humanist Archives Vol. 6 : 6.0338 Hypertext at MLA)

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Eric Dean Rasmussen