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Scene poetry (poster) Piotr Marecki
Electronic literature production – a case study of Korporacja Ha!art (poster) Piotr Marecki, Aleksandra Małecka
Renderings (poster) Piotr Marecki
Platforms over time Magnus Andre Knustad
PONTOS: uma recombinação textual intermedial e transpoética Diogo Marques, Carolina Martins
Arabic E-Lit (AEL): A Network for Artists and Scholars Reham Hosny
Pathfinders: Documenting the Experience of Early Digital Literature
Pathfinders: Documenting the Experience of Early Digital Literature Dene Grigar, Stuart Moulthrop
Entries published in the Electronic Literature Directory about the following works: Fest, La Disparue, The intruder, Inside: a journal of dreams, Amor de Clarice, Scriptpoemas, O motor textual: livro infinito, Signagens, Escatologia, Electrografia 1 Daniela Côrtes Maduro
Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists Casey Reas, Ben Fry
ix: visual exercises Cheryl E. Ball, Kristin L. Arola
Call for Action on Problems in Scholarly Book Publishing: A Special Letter from the President Stephen Greenblatt
Les Basiques: la littérature numérique Philippe Bootz
Machines à écrire Antoine Denize, Bernard Magne
Editorial: alire 1 Claude Maillard
Hipertext olvasás Tóth Barna
From (Command) Line to (Iconic) Constellation Kenneth Goldsmith
Russian E-Lit 1.0 - 3.0 Natalia Fedorova
STORYSPACE: a Tool for Interaction, Report to the Markle Foundation Regarding G85105, Jay David Bolter, Michael Joyce
Touch: The Art of the Mobile App, featuring works by Jason Edward Lewis Dene Grigar
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