Podcast: Nick Montfort, “Poet/Programmers, Artist/Programmers, and Scholar/Programmers: What and Who Are They?”

Critical Writing
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Computer programming is a general-purpose way of using computation. It can be instrumental (oriented toward a predefined end, as with the development of well-specified apps and Web services) or exploratory (used for artistic work and intellectual inquiry). Professor Nick Monfort’s emphasis in this talk, as in his own work, is on exploratory programming, that type of programming which can be used as part of a creative or scholarly methodology. He says a bit about his own work but uses much of the discussion to survey how many other poet/programmers, artist/programmers, and scholar/programmers are creating radical new work and uncovering new insights.

09:08 p5.js
12:38 The Deletionist
14:26 Permutated Poems of Poems of Brion Gysin
18:18 Curveship
21:00 A Noise Such As a Man Might Make
24:03 Oral Poetics
29:35 Q&A

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Scott Rettberg